1. C

    Louis Roederer Cristal

    Hi, Couple bottles for sale, all in presentation box. 2006 bottle.
  2. T

    Many Louis Vuitton items for sale :)

    Hi, I've got some Louis Vuitton bags and accessories for sale. Please message me or reply on this thread if interested. I still have the original receipts for some of them. Don't worry, they are all 100% genuine. I currently have: 1. Louis Vuitton Icare (Damier ebene) 2. Louis Vuitton...
  3. 38FP

    Louis Vuitton man bag

  4. 38FP

    Louis Vuitton Zippy organizer

    Brand new unused boxed Louis Vuitton Zippy Organizer in Epi Leather. Currently on sale for £540. The wallet is 100% genuine as are all my items I sell, I am happy for prospective buyers to view item at my home or LV store. Very classy! Louis Wallet, dust bag and gift box - Epi leather, cross...
  5. E CLASS

    Louis Theroux goes to the Miami mega-jail

    The two-part documentary, Louis Theroux: Miami Mega-Jail, is broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday 22 and 29 May at 9pm Worth a look I think! I like his style.
  6. ringway

    Happy Birthday Robert Louis Stevenson!

    He would be 160, years old today but.. Happy Birthday Old Chap. :thumb:
  7. High-Lo

    Louis Vuitton Custom Trim - Opinions Please?

    Thinking of doing this to mine. What do you think? Would match my wallet and the wifes handbag :)
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