1. BIRMA

    Private Lounge AMG owners meeting Brooklands

    I thought I'd just post this if anyone is interested, originally it was being held on the 3rd September which I couldn't make but have been informed it's on the 10th September now.
  2. zenman63

    AMG Private Lounge Meet Coventry Stock Pot Cafe 8th July

    Hi all, I'm organising an AMG Only meet at a very nice location for breakfast and GTG 9:30 - 12:00 Stock Pot Cafe. I need a show of hands so I can reserve a space for us all. Very large parking area! AMG Private Lounge Cheers, Olly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. J

    AMG Private Lounge

    Having picked up a W204 C63, I tried to register on the AMG Private Lounge to see what that may bring. https://www.mercedes-amg.com/privatelounge/registration/login?lang=en On filling out the registration form, the site did not accept my VIN number as being an AMG and indicated they would...
  4. ftb

    Joining the Lounge

    Happy to announce my purchase. 2005 CLS55 AMG is mine in a matter of days. Unexpected turn of events - a distant family member had one in black from new, something I wasn't even aware of! - and was going to upgrade to the latest CLS63 SB. I've got an absolute steal in my opinion but what's more...
  5. flat6buster

    Amg private lounge cap

    I asked the private lounge for one of their limited edition caps to give to SWMBO. It's a bit masculine for her with the faux carbon fibre effect etc so offering here for £25 incl Hermes delivery. Brand spanking new, unworn, not even tried on.
  6. Petrol Pete

    I think I might be allowed in the AMG lounge now

    Yesterday I picked up my C55 AMG wagon, ten years old with over 100000 miles on the clock and it drives very ,very well. It fells very well screwed together, solid. BUT a few things weren't screwed on so well , can anyone put me on the right track for a replacement badge for the engine cover ...
  7. AMGeed

    AMG Private Lounge decal

    Would anyone have a spare decal they would part with:D Having my windscreen replaced tomorrow and the decal can't be removed without destroying it. It seems they can't be obtained from AMG Germany any more.
  8. John

    I'm out the 'lounge!

    I'm officially out the AMG lounge! I'll hand in my pass on the way out... The E55K has been sold... a sad day but time to move on. My discipline in the speed department was almost non-existent in the end so I knew I had to change things before Her Maj allowed me the use of one of her...
  9. S

    AMG Private Lounge Collection Hat Giveaway

    Found from AMG Private Lounge. With the continued interest in a specific AMG Private Lounge collection of branded merchandise in mind, we are proud to offer members a free official AMG Private Lounge branded hat. We have produced a new version of the AMG Private Lounge hat, featuring carbon...
  10. B

    AMG PL Private Lounge sticker

    Hi, can anyone tell me tell me how to obtain a sticker? Would love to get one,
  11. V

    AMG Private Lounge

    Joined the club let's see if it's any good.
  12. ash59fifty-uk

    Prestige Auto Lounge

    As above, business in Coventry Anybody purchased any cars from here? Mixed reviews on Facebook, stock looks quite nice but thought I'd ask on here. Only a mile away from the missus' house so I may take a look when it's open
  13. Mike Walker

    W124 Lounge

    Mods we are feeling left out What are the chances of setting up the above, on the basis that I don't have an AMG at present and am unlikely to in the future. :thumb: Thanks in anticipation :thumb:
  14. C43AMG

    AMG-Private Lounge - Brooklands GTG ?

    Have any members registered for the above ?
  15. Rashman

    AMG Private Lounge

    Is it just me or is that forum dying a death? I've been checking in on there pretty regularly over the last month or so and there is almost zero activity :dk:
  16. developer

    AMG Private Lounge Sticker

    Hello guys, I have one of these spare. I'm happy to bring it to Olly's GTG, or Acid's dyno day, for the first person going to either event who replies on the thread.
  17. R

    Performance Lounge Challenge!

    Those of us with non AMG cars are not necessarily "Captain Slows'"! So I though of a challenge for the AMG boys! Koolvin has just got his lovely C43 AMG as shown in project cars. I can do 0-60 in 6 in a bog standard C350 V6! But can the C43? My car is completely unmodified from a performance...
  18. N

    AMG Lounge membership

    Picked my entry ticket up on saturday.
  19. Dizwen

    AMG private lounge windscreen decals

    I got sent two sets, anyone want a set? PM me if interested...
  20. developer

    I'd Like To Lounge Please........

    Do I have the necessary entry credentials? :rock:
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