1. gr1nch

    What's this lovely car?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. This beast was powering towards La Manche today, with a very loud, yet pleasing, sounding engine. I was thrilled that it might be an old Bentley in British racing green, the one car I've had a long obsession for, ever since reading of James Bond (maybe Moonraker?)...
  2. Taipan

    Mercedes CLK200k convertible 55 reg, 70k miles, full service history, lovely car

    Up for sale is my 2005 Mercedes CLK200K A209 convertible. Finished in the best and most desirable combination of Obsidian black metallic paint with black leather trim. Refinements include and are limited to, Electric windows Electric power assisted convertible roof Power steering Cruise...
  3. ringway

    Lovely seat covers for comfort and warmth this winter.

    Lovely! :D If they sell a set of those, I'm a Dutchman's uncle. Winter Plush Car Seat Cover for Benz R300 GLK300 GLK350 B200 Vito Viano | eBay
  4. lisa110rry

    Thumbs up for a lovely courtesy car, VW!

    Whilst on the scurvy run to Norfolk on Christmas Eve, my husband, as he likes to put it, hit a peasant in his Motability car. Actually the *pheasant* hit us, but hey ho, the upshot is damage to the bonnet near the catch and to the grill. The dealership booked his car in for repair but warned...
  5. Londonscottish

    Drove a lovely 124 today

    Mate of mine just bought this. 196k but tons of history, good colour, estate, leccie windows, mirrors & sunroof, great colour and a 6 pot motor. Tight as a nut.
  6. merc85

    Lovely w108

    Always loved these, Looks well. 1970 Mercedes Benz 280se W108 | eBay
  7. W

    Lovely mx5

    This is a mates car and a good friend of his from new. He is a real enthusiast and cannot recommend the car high enough. Ltd edition too. Mazda MX-5 2.0 SE Limited Edition 2dr
  8. S

    I just got a lovely w123 200T

    very pleased with it, drives so elegantly,, just a few little niggles that I'm sure all you lovely people can help me with, ill see you in the tech section soon
  9. merc85

    Lovely e63! cheap too

    Making these 55's look expensive? Mercedes E63 AMG Pristine Condition Not E55 | eBay What a stunning car!
  10. L

    lovely rare Merc

    scrowl down the page,only 4 ever made in uk apparently!.......Boycie's Jaguar E-Type for sale at auction | This is Money
  11. lisa110rry

    What a lovely thing to happen!

    Today I gave my little green car a nice wash (it's been three weeks as we've been on holiday for a week). This was because I wanted the car to be nice and clean to take a friend to Southport for a social get together, taxis being so pricey. Anyhoo, I've just been back to pick her up to bring...
  12. bassist

    Lovely CLK280 Convertible

    My daughter's car. She has just purchased a new GLA. This a lovely CLK in very good order Link to Autotrader advert below. Any interest please PM with email to reply. Mercedes-Benz CLK 3.0 CLK280 Sport 7G-Tronic 2dr
  13. jdrrco

    Lovely 300SE
  14. lisa110rry

    A really lovely thing happened to me today...

    On Saturday, I washed, polished and generally titivated the outside of my little green car to within an inch of its life, then drove 30 miles round trip to a lovely garden centre. Yesterday it rained heavily and I was pleased to see the water beaded up quite nicely. For seventeen years old she...
  15. John Jones Jr

    Lovely W124

    1991/J - Mercedes 300E-24 W124, 40k miles, FSH, Sportline. 500E AMG Cosworth | eBay
  16. M

    Lovely CLK for sale

    Removed. Please see forum rules on advertising.
  17. M

    Lovely W124 230E

    This looks to be a super example of a 230E. Low mileage, not a huge amount of toys, but Sportline chassis and check cloth trim look great. For sale Mercedes W124 230E Darren
  18. jdrrco

    Lovely W124

    A lot of money but a lovely car.
  19. brucemillar

    123 Estate. Lovely.

    Fully Restored And Immaculate Classic Mercedes W123 estate 230te e class | eBay
  20. HB

    V8 MYP - lovely sound

    Silver E55 passed me earlier on the M6, accelerated past me at warp 9 and sounded so good even my wife commented. Someone here maybe.
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