1. TheFoX

    For dog lovers, another petition.

    Another petition. This time it is about a Police dog and his handler. Dave is retiring after a lifetime of service, and he wants to keep the Police dog that he has looked after for a number of years, even offering to buy it or fund the training of another Police dog, yet West Mercia Police...
  2. Merurius

    Great quiz for AMG lovers

    Gens, if you own an AMG you are a connoisseur of the sports-cars world, but have you ever asked yourself which pilot are you and what is your relationship with your beloved sports-car? Click on the link below to find it out...
  3. Howard

    For the caravan lovers

    :cool::D ****house crap caravan - suitable for dogging / sordid affairs / murdering | eBay
  4. smoothrider

    W126 lovers feast on this

    Opening credits of this movie are a total treat for 126 lovers. a FLEET of 126 looking sublime, and living up to their nick name the dictator mobile Its on BBC i player till Thursday BBC iPlayer - The Devil's Double
  5. TDE1

    Bicycle lovers, beware.

    The mind boggles.. (Don't know why it's on today's most shared BBC items though) BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Bike sex man placed on probation
  6. flat6buster

    For DS Lovers...

    I seem to recall there are a couple of DS lovers on here so I post this link with you in mind......
  7. tonyc280

    Cat or dog lovers

    Just wondering if us Merc owners are Cat or Dog lovers. I think i know the answer already. but i don't know how to start a poll. T.:dk:
  8. I

    Hi MB lovers and W123 advice

    Hi folks I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I'm interested in getting into a W123 Estate which is why I'm here and after advice. I'll ask the question/s on the correct forum - see you there. Cheers Iain
  9. 230K

    For Escort lovers

    Hi and happy Saint Patrick's Day I know there are some Escort fans here so I thought I would share Enjoy 230k
  10. developer

    For lovers of the classic 4 headlight E Class design

    As it appears they will be history soon :( I give you this (following this afternoon's wash).
  11. TheDeadPrussian

    Something For Lovers of V8s

    New website just launched - they've had a presence on Facebook (and Twitter) for quite a while – it’s about all things V8. There is a profile of my car on the front page...and one of a very good friends’ Road Runner. Worth a look if you’ve got a minute. The link is here: V8UK (I have...
  12. G

    Photo Treat for C43 lovers

    I apologize if this isn't the right area, but since this car isn't mine, I didn't want to put it in the albums forum. Borrowed the neighbor's C43 for a quick photoshoot. Boy this thing sure feels different from my C230K.
  13. Niks

    Any high end Hi-Fi lovers?

    I was browsing through Youtube and came across this channel.. I had no idea Pioneer, JBL, Manfrotto and Technics did speakers like these. I don't know if they are originals or just made up, but they look like something from a different planet! Check out the chaps channel: hosoken007's...
  14. smoothrider

    126 lovers gorge on this beauty

    1986 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL, Orient Red | Specialist Cars for sale | Other
  15. bpsorrel

    A must for C63 lovers!!

    Found this great video, filmed from the rear bumper of a C63 estate! Turn your speakers up LOUD! The sound is AWESOME! :D Enjoy! Mercedes AMG C63 Estate Filmed From Rear Bumper - YouTube
  16. d w124

    For all you 123 lovers

    Ok we`ve seen convertions but here`s is something new,well new to me at least.An original 5.0l AMG 123 The one and only propably :cool::cool::cool:
  17. trapperjohn

    For all you A Class Diesel Lovers.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz A 170 Standard 1689cc Diesel on eBay (end time 09-Nov-10 16:14:39 GMT)
  18. swannymere

    Not one for the animal lovers!

    Is it genius or just a bit sick? Animal Beer!:eek:
  19. Satch

    Something for all cat lovers

    to get upset about :devil:
  20. C240Sport97

    For lovers of the 600

    they have 5!
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