1. Y

    rear lower control bush

    HI I wonder if anyone can help . I have a clunking noise caused by the worn out bush located within the lower rear control arm (Attached to the shock absorber). I am having difficulties to find it on the net can anyone help please Mercedes R class 280 Sport 4 Matic car registration...
  2. Gaz74

    W203 lower front arm query

    Hi all, I'm in need of a pair of front lower suspension arms for my C32 and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the arms are the same on all variants of the 203 chassis and my AMG doesn't have uprated arms or something silly? Thanks very much.
  3. M.A.94

    Lifting car from lower control arm/wishbone

    As the title says, would it be ok to jack a w210 from the lower control arms? So i can get axle stands under the factory jacking points and then drop the car on them. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  4. S

    Rear lower control arm advice needed please. W211

    In the middle of replacing the n/s/r lower control arm on my 2006 e class cdi 220. Can someone tell me if the inner M12 bolt (12mm tripple square) is threaded through the mount? It wont budge. Thank you in advance
  5. M

    Broken down - rear lower wishbone rear broken

    I have just been informed by the recovery company that the lower wishbone on W211 T model has broken. Hence the wheel is looking like it has fallen off. Luckily I was only on s B road with very little speed. Can anyone advice the part number so I can order? Regards Mahussain
  6. UtterPiffle

    Rear corner half inch lower than other side - W211 e63 Estate

    Hi all, Is it possible to adjust the height of the suspension on one rear wheel? I've got a 2007 e63 Kombi. Air suspension works fine, all 4 corners go up and down the same amount when you press the Airmatic buttons, and it doesn't sag if you leave the car for a week or so. But one rear corner...
  7. Lenny63

    W219 airmatic - won't lower from comfort to sports 1/2

    Plugged into star , no active or Stored faults Any suggestions ? Is there some tests I could get carried out via STAR to narrow down the issue ? It was working fine until recently Regards Lenny
  8. Fozzer

    lower body paint

    Hi I have a 1999 slk 230 which is slowly starting to show the ubiquitous rust on the sills and wheel arches. mine has had the bottom section sprayed silver over the origional black. i would like to go back to origional to stem the tide,any recommendations as to what to use Thanks
  9. I

    2012 w204 c class n/s lower wing mirror cover (not-foldable).

    Hello everyone so glad to be back on this site after so long with previous 180 Merc....I have recently got a 2012 w204 c220 cdi, really happy with it...alas some blurt at some point smashed my n/s mirror housing whilst parked on half on pavement outside my house (no garage). The weird thing is...
  10. b1g1an

    CLS55 lower grill

    Bit of a random question but is the lower front grill, the metal mesh one, meant to be gloss or matte black?
  11. C

    w163 lower ball joint

    What warranty usually comes with genuine parts, I replaced the 2 lower ball joints last year for the mot and one was picked up this year in October I checked it at the weekend and it is way worse and there is slight play in the other side now. They have been fitted around 14months the rubber...
  12. Tim203

    W203 lower front arm

    Sorry about wrong place but can't start threads in technical for some reason. My question is are the lower arms for sport pack suspension different to standard ? I put a new arm ( non genuine but expensive pattern) on this evening and the steering wheel is so far off centre looking left the ESP...
  13. ioweddie

    Lower than a snakes belly (Airplanes)

    Lower Than a Snake's Belly in a Wagon Rut Redux > Vintage Wings of Canada
  14. A

    E Class estates dimensions - longer and lower

    We had a 211 and then a 212 estate and i was interested to learn that the boot on the 213 is a bit smaller, despite the length of the car increasing. Dimensions attached for 213, 212, 211. I couldn't find the 210 dimensions but my guess is that the boot is shorter but taller sill, with a flat...
  15. A

    Recommended tools and general suggestions for w219 lower ball joint removal

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out what tools (by brand/location) you guys recommend when it comes to ball splitting and removal/install . Is the stuff on ebay ok or is it just badly made putty? anything to go for or avoid? I've gleaned a good idea on how to go about the job from searches on...
  16. S

    R129 SL500 ball joint lower control arm

    Hi all, My car is a 1994 R129 SL500 A recent MOT threw up OSF ball joint play. My Indie quoted to replace - roughly £35 for the ball joint plus fitting. He then called back to say that the ball joint was actually cast into the lower control arm and that the whole arm would need replacing...
  17. M

    W163. To lower or not to lower.

    That's the question really. We have a w163 ml270 which we predominantly use for towing our caravan. Whilst it tows well enough the remove able tow ball is a little too high resulting in the caravan being completely level when towed; best practice for stability is for the front of the caravan...
  18. A

    Lower wheel arch chips

    Hiya all does anyone know if their is a bit of kit that can protect this lower edge of the inner wheel arch rim My car is a 2012 A Class and looked for mud flaps for my make of car and it doesn't look like any are available for my make and model of car? I have seen some deflector things...
  19. Hunty2198

    lower cls63 without new air ride system?

    Is there a way to reprogram the air suspention on 2007 model CLS63 AMG? I dont want to spend thousands on a whole new system. Looking for South UK companies if any??
  20. F

    W124 saloon rear lower control arm / spring carrier

    After a right and left rear lower control arm from a saloon W124. Either located near Bridgwater, Somerset or willing to post. Thanks
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