lpg or autogas

  1. yojay

    W140 S420 (M119) Owner. Hello!

    Hi All, I have decided to bankrupt myself in the most luxurious way possible, W140 ownership! My car is a late W140 S420 SWB. It's a 1998 model and I bought it recently at fairly low milage, 80k. It also runs a Lovato East-Fast LPG kit, with a smallish toroidal tank in the spare wheel well...
  2. P

    New member near Peterborough

    Hi all I'm picking up my first Mercedes this week, a 2001 E200K Elegance with 150k fully serviced miles. After driving a '93 Passat on coliovers for a year my ageing body will be grateful of the supersmooth and comfy ride! It was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase (once i'd checked the...
  3. blicky_1

    LPG/Autogas Conversions

    Well guys I have finally had enough of petrol prices (30000mls per year) and have ordered a LPG Autogas conversion for my E200 Kompressor!! 35-40p Ltr Cant wait until the first fill up less than 1/2 price!! Estimated I will be £200-250 better off per month, cost of install is £1600 but on...
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