1. B

    S320 W220 LPG Conversion ??

    Looking at purchasing an older W220 S320 and converting to LPG for Taxi work, have run several converted vehicles in the past with very little in the way of issues with the LPG covered around 70k on LPG in 2 E39 525i’s last one was written off a month ago when someone felt the back of my car...
  2. P

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, only covered 50k, LPG converted, great fun!

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, LPG,Only 50k Miles, Amazing Spec, lots of parts inc | eBay
  3. poormansporsche

    F/S W202 C230K Sport Auto LPG

    After 3 years and buying 7 cars to replace it - Old Faithful finally up for sale ! All the details can be seen here Mercedes C230K Kompressor Sport 1998 LPG Converted 18 Alloys OZ AMG W202 | eBay After £1500 - will also bung in my brand new genuine MB Carbon steering wheel to mbclub...
  4. S

    S320l- w220 -m112- lpg

    Good afternoon, A few months ago, I was given a 2002 S Class W220. great car. But now looking to put LPG on. Its a M112 V6 Can anyone give me advice, what type, best place or is it worth it ? :dk: Thanks John
  5. G

    W211 E55 LPG Conversion

    Greetings folks. I've signed up to the forum to research one of the cars on my shortlist. I currently run a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 with an LPG conversion. Looking at 2004 E55 AMG to replace it next year, just wondering if anyone is running one with a LPG conversion? My Mitsubishi is a...
  6. C

    2005 clk 320 cabriolet lpg conversion

    Hi again everyone I have been looking at the above car with interest and feel the urge coming to make me buy it, can anyone give me any insight as to how these engines take to LPG conversion, has it been known to cause overheating like a lot of the earlier Range Rovers ? in fact please just put...
  7. esprit200

    Phaeton 3.2 LPG 2004 78K FSH Black

    Volkswagen Phaeton 2004 Full album of pictures here 2004 04 Plate 3.2 VR6 Petrol 240PS/315Nm 2WD Air Suspension 5 Speed Automatic with Sport and Tiptronic modes 77k Miles MOT 09 Dec 15 FSH Black Cream leather Sequential LPG system Certified and Registered gives...
  8. T

    2006 ML350 with LPG Conversion

    Hello, I have just bought a 2006 ML350 with LPG conversion and was looking for some advice. I was told that I needed to keep the heating temp around 17deg to ensure circulation of the coolant through the LPG vaporizer would turn the liquid to gas. This was fine when I picked the car up...
  9. S

    Is the CLS 350 / 500 a direct injection engine + LPG Q

    Hi, new hear so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm super keen to get a CLS (W219 05-11) either 350 or 500 but to make the costs work would need to run it on LPG. Spoke to the guy who would do it (has converted 2 cars previously for me) and he said it was possible as long as its...
  10. B

    LPG conversion on W211

    Does anybody have an LPG converted W211? In particular the E350. I'm planning to get mine converted tomorrow, and trying to decide which kit to go for! Also would appreciate advice on tank size, what's the maximum I can get in the spare wheel well. TIA!
  11. dog68

    v class 2.3 lpg help

    Hello all, i have a v class 2.3 i have just bought, it has lpg fitted, but the inlet solenoid needs replacing(not fitted when i bought it) in engine bay so unsure where to wire in the cable, any help will be gratefully received.
  12. Andrew W

    Lpg thoughts

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on LPG conversions on Amg 55 engines . For me it just doesn't seem right and a adds More complexity to it all !!
  13. poormansporsche

    Anyone recommend a LPG installer in the South East ?

    Like it says, cheers Brett
  14. T

    slk lpg

    Hi all simple question to run my slk on lpg yes or no.
  15. Deker

    my w203 C180K with LPG

    It's time to sell my C Class, it's been a great car and has served me well but I've just bought an XF so it has to go. 2006 Mercedes Benz C Class C180K Avantgarde SE 4dr Auto 4 door Saloon LPG | eBay
  16. W

    Thoughts on LPG conversion for a W221 S500?

    Hi all, Basically I'm thinking of doing an LPG conversion for my W221 S500 (the 5.5 V8 NA one, not the 4.7 V8 turbo one). Anyone any thoughts on why I should or shouldn't do it? I am getting quotes of a bit less than £2000 to fit the newer higher end PRINS system. The price of LPG is...
  17. A

    Classic cl with lpg

    After either a cl500/600 older shape with LPG on.... Alex - 07974223669
  18. felacs

    Lpg or not

    Just wondering if anyone on here has had a lpg conversion done on there car i am a taxi driver(not angry one) my vehicle of choice is my e300 td love the car but as in all things they need to be changed mine in next 12 months now im toying with the idea of buying a petrol e class but having a...
  19. poormansporsche

    Hypothetically using LPG to increase performance ???

    alright, Just a though really, in general terms. I have a old prefacelift C230k with LPG. The tuning options are pretty limited on the c230k but on the one size fits all LPG system it has a completely mappable injection system, a max of 350 bhp LPG pump and max of 300 bhp gas injectors...
  20. A

    Swap! Lpg 500sec for lpg cl500/600 or similar!!

    Looking for a swap for my classic in perlescent white 500 sec with affordable (just been serviced) lpg system only £35 to fill... Looking for either a cl500 or cl600 (also with lpg) or similar... If you have anything similar or know someone who does contact me on 07974223669 - alex
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