1. John

    Lexus LS400 - import?

    Why does this LS400 have different lights to the usual LS400 - is it an import from Japan? Lexus LS 400 4.0 4dr
  2. S

    1997 Lexus LS400

    A new Merc runabout will be gracing my drive this weekend (all 380hp and 12 cylinders of it) so I am selling my 1997 Lexus LS400. OVERVIEW It is a 1997 model so the last of the series before the VVTI engined model was released. It is silver over grey leather and considering the age of the...
  3. S

    1997 LS400 for sale

    Decided to get back into an S-Class so clearing some space. 1997 LS400, silver over grey interior with 112,000 miles. New front discs by Lexus Park Lane last month and they found nothing wrong with the car (probably to their dismay as no work as a result!) Usual LS features - dual climate...
  4. S

    1995 Lexus LS400

    I used this as an interim car when the little one came along but am finding that there is not enough space in the back for the wife + car seat + car seat base + associated bags, blankets etc etc and a buggy in the boot too so am moving back to an S-Class. It is green black (a very very dark...
  5. S

    Not a Mercedes for sale....Lexus LS400

    Well, a CL beckons (crossing fingers this does not fall through like the last one!) so Lexus LS400. A few of you may have seen it when I was hiding at the W140 gathering since I was afraid the S-Classes would beat it up but anyways. 1995 Blue with grey leather...
  6. K

    1992 Lexus LS400

    MK1 1992 LS400 in Pearl White,tan leather,heated front & rear seats,cruise,good history,120000 miles,MOT'd until June 09,bodily in good condition but not perfect needs a small bit of paint bumpers,stone chips etc,mechanically very good,standard 15 inch wheels refurbed,drivers seat right hand...
  7. W

    For Sale - Lexus LS400

    I know that this will probably be of no interest to anyone on here, but maybe someone knows somebody who is looking for one?! Or maybe you just want to read my cringe-making description and awful pictures! :rolleyes: Anyway, on ebay for a while - so get your bids in! :D Lexus LS400...
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