1. ACID

    Quaife LSD Available Supply and Fit at MSL

    Quaife LSD Available for Supply and Fit at MSL The famous Quaife ATB limited slip differential*is one of the world's most popular performance upgrade products for Mercedes cars. This unique device transforms the way your car applies power to the road, offering a stunning increase in...
  2. AngryDog

    LSD for E55 - worth it?

    Is it worth getting an LSD for my E55? My M5 has an LSD and less power, but I havent really had chance to open the taps on the E55 much yet. Cheers.
  3. C

    Recommendations for Supply/Fit LSD

    Hi all, I've managed to persuade a friend into a W204 C63. We looked hard for a good car with LSD but I'm sorry to say, there's a lot of bad examples so he picked up one without that was a peach. I've never really looked into it as I have a factory LSD on mine so, what are the options...
  4. JimGreen

    C63 Remap, Secondary Decat & Quaife LSD

    Well, after having my 2nd C63 back to where my old one was I'm now happy........ Thanks to the guys at MSL. After spending a few months searching for a late ultra low mileage example that I intend keeping for a very long time, I eventually found this late 63 Plate with just 10k miles on the...
  5. BIRMA

    Quaife LSD standard on a CL65?

    I've just discovered that my car has a Quaife limited slip differential fitted and despite looking through the standard spec can't find it as standard fitment anyone any ides if it was an extra.
  6. B

    AMG LSD retrofit

    ... to S212 E63. Car feels a little sketchy trying to apply 680 horses using open diff. Please help me explore OEM options that address the issue. Has this been done before? I couldn't find.
  7. F

    LSD Aftermarket

    So I've had my C63 PPP a few months and looking to tinker with it a little bit. I think my first "upgrade" is going to be a Quaife LSD. Rational is I'd rather have this on my car to put the power down before getting it mapped.. With that being said, any recommendations of where to get this...
  8. aquanaut

    Quaife LSD eating the rear tyres...

    Hello, my first set of tyres lasted 11.5k on my C63, with the quaife diff being installed at 9k miles. The second set last around 5.5k and now at 4k on the next set they are getting close to the limit again. Just wondering if any others have experienced such an increase of tyre wear since...
  9. E

    2012 C63 with PPP / LSD Saloon

    Selling my 2012 C63 AMG with Performance Pack Plus and factory AMG LSD. Ordered a new car for April delivery so needs to move on before March. 62 plate September 2012 33600 miles Fire opal red with 507 Platinum edition wrap. Saloon Performance Package Plus (487bhp SLS engine) AMG LSD...
  10. Alex

    Complete E55 Diff with Kleemann LSD

    Complete 2003 E55 Diff with Kleemann 60% locking LSD. Good working condition. 50k miles on the car, 20k miles on the LSD. Diff p/n A211 350 50 62. £500.
  11. jih2000

    Quaif LSD - Wet Roads

    Hi, My cars tuned so making more HP than stock. Its a 2013+ C63 sedan and the ESP seems generally very good at controlling the rear end in the dry warm months of summer. However, its not so great now its colder and wetter so have to drive carefully especially from junctions. To make things...
  12. S

    How can you tell if it has an LSD

    Quick one. A friend of mine is looking at a 2009 PP that apparently has an LSD. Seller has no evidence of this but how would we verify his claim ? Thanks R
  13. ACID

    E63 Bi-Turbo Remap, Dyno and Quaife LSD Fitting

    E63 Bi-Turbo in Yesterday for Remap, Dyno and Quaife LSD Fitting!!! Stock: 527.37 Whp (622.30 Bhp) 504.93 Wtq (595.82 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 604.20 Whp (712.96 Bhp) 654.88 Wtq (772.76 Ft Lbs Torque)
  14. mattmeyler19

    My Mercedes E63 has a Merc LSD, who knew?..

    Has anyone else had this? My E63 has a LSD and it wasn't on the spec sheet and I'm pretty sure the Merc dealer didn't know either (I'm the 2nd owner) Chuffed to bits of course? Just curious if anyone else has experienced this?... W212 E63 White 2014. M19YLR
  15. V

    Cls 55 lsd

    Do they come with one? How does it handle compared to a C63, anyone driven both? Also, there is a nice CLS55 on my commute, reg is EA05PKN Anyone here?
  16. N

    C63 lsd

    I've got a facelift standard c63. I've mapped it with a eurocharged v5 tune and I'm now wondering if an LSD is worth fitting. I really like the way the car drives. Especially in manual/sport mode. It's really easy and so predictable. I can easily give it a safe flick off a roundabout and it...
  17. G

    For Sale: C63 AMG Coupe 2013 (with LSD)

    Selling my C63 Coupe before my new one arrives next month... Can only upload 3 pics on here. PM me for more information. Thanks! Spec: - Registered May 2013 (13 Plate) - 30,500 miles - Polar White with matt black 19” AMG wheels - Full black leather interior - Mercedes-Benz extended...
  18. N

    Oem lsd

    If anybody interested? Mercedes C63 AMG W204 Limited Slip Differential | eBay
  19. R

    E63 LSD. Need advice before morning.

    Posting this again as I can't edit my other thread title! I'm picking up a 2014 E63 S tomorrow morning having driven a long way to the dealership. The car has what Mercedes term an AMG rear axle limited-slip differential lock fitted as standard. This came with a complimentary oil change at...
  20. N

    Amg lsd

    I have searched but to no avail. What make and more importantly type of LSD do AMG/Merc fit to cars so equipped? Thanks in advance.
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