1. jonnyboy

    wanted - cheap e/c class estate preferably diesel < £1000

    As per title, friend asked me to look at an e300td last night which was a horror show. Estate Diesel (preferably) Under a grand Ready to rock n roll TIA
  2. R

    C63 Estate < 528i Touring ??

    I'm about to get rid of my C63 Estate and in the hunt for something spacious, RWD, petrol and slow enough for my wife to happily drive I'm about to do the deal on a 528i Touring. So, got to the insurance quote stage and bizarre thing is that it will cost me 30% more than the C63 to insure...
  3. T

    Wanted ML < £2500

    Hi All I am looking for an early ML as a second car for work down South (live in Scotland). Trying to contain cost but want to make sure I get a car with service history that somebody knows. So many nails on AutoTrader and eBay. Appreciate any suggestions from forum members.
  4. S

    Wanted : CLK 500 2002-2003 <60.000 miles

    hello, I'm looking for any CLK500 with at best about 40/50.000 Miles (but must be less than 60.000 miles) and years 2002/2003 only. Serious and cash paiment possible. Thanks in advance.
  5. C

    The Polishing Company <----- ??

    Lo All ! I would like to know how are their products ? Do they offer products that are gauranteed to make your car shine ? Has anyone had any experience with these products ? :confused: Kindly assist
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