1. P

    111 Engine in 2001 C180 2 ltr coupe, does it have an egr valve

    Hi does a 2001 2 ltr C180 Coupe, engine type 111 have an egr valve and if so how can i find it. Engine runs very eratic on start up but runs very smoothly once warmed up. Many thanks
  2. S

    New MB 2 Ltr Engine and 9 Speed Gearbox

    As anybody got any thoughts on these?
  3. A

    Sealey TP69 6.5 ltr Vacuum Oil Extractor £40

    I have a Sealey Vacuum Oil & Fluid Extractor. It's a manual operated vacuum extractor with 6.5 litre capacity. It's boxed and as far as I know unused although I bought it from Amazon as an open box item. I don't really have a need for it and it's just sitting here in my office from when it...
  4. Gollom

    20 ltr veg oil in box £19.39

    Not sure if that is an especially good price. It is on offer at Makro from 4th - 10th Jan I have a card for Preston if anybody would like to get some I am happy to meet up
  5. Ian B Walker

    2.6 ltr Engine for sale

    I have for sale a 2.6 ltr, straight 6 cyl engine out of a 190E. The engine has done 137K miles and starts first time. There is no hunting on tickover and the oil pressure is as per Mercedes Specifications. I am open to sensible offers and may negotiate.
  6. D

    W123 Straight 6 2.5 Ltr & Auto box 4 Sale

    I recently bought a 1981 W123 250T as a parts car for my 230TE and have almost finished taking off what I need, however the donor car has a very good 2.5 ltr straight six engine and auto box that would be a waste to scrap. The engine has done 131,000 and the amount of history that the car came...
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