1. T5R+

    Grease, oil, lube .......bits

    Need to clean and "lubricant" my sunroof bonnet/boot hinges and catch door hinges and catches fold in/out mirrors (as they squeek) can you recommend items please. Due to pick up service parts from MB tomorrow so if MB prodcuts let me know what they call them. PS 5l oil is currently...
  2. alan1304

    Prop Shaft Lube

    Can anybody tell me if there is a grease nipple on the W202 prop shaft to lubricate the UJ's. My car is making a Chirping/Squeaking/Clicking noise from the rear of the car that speeds up as the car accelerates and disappears as it moves into second gear. There is no vibration or rumbling at any...
  3. reflexboy

    Door hinges-To lube or not to lube?

    I have recently cleaned the door shuts of my 2011 E Class with APC. As this is a degreaser, I presume I should re-grease the door hinges, however I also read that modern MB car hinges do not need greasing as the hinge pin is in a nylon liner. Any idea if this is true?
  4. poormansporsche

    Best "Lube" for wiper mech

    like it says - read all the other hundreds of posts but there doesnt seem to be a definative answer ! preferably something I can just walk down to halfrauds and buy ! cheers brett
  5. B

    silicone lube

    hi, would silicone lube kill a solinoide, meaning on a w202 auto gear shifter there is a brass bit something to do with neutral, I sprayed with silicone lube... now my car is in limp mode
  6. M

    Wiper lube access. Help please.

    Does anyone know the procedure for removing the wiper cover assembly for inspection/lubeing? Dont know when mine was looked at last so would like to get a look in there and clean and regrease before the weather turns worse without breaking anything. Thanks in advance.
  7. spock500

    OM605/6 water pump lube

    Hi all, I noticed recently a high pitched squeaking noise coming from the belts/pulley area which could be a worn water pump bearing. Whilst looking at the water pump I saw what appeared to be a oil lube hole at the top, its quite big probably about 3/4mm across - anyway, I hope its a lube...
  8. M

    Lube advice: E-class 3.0td.

    Good morning. I pick up my new (to me) E-class 3.0 TD on Friday morning. I am eager to get my hands dirty and want to start with making sure all the lubes are up to date. Can anyone help with the details of the lubes for the auto 'box, diff and engine. Also, I would like to know if there...
  9. J


    i am looking to keep the sunroof slide rails nicely lubed to avoid costly motor faliure later .. can anyone tell me if there is a good (tried and tested) lube that can do this job without turning into some guey thing/ or causing some damage etc ? i would idealy want to use the same lube as used...
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