1. R

    Lubricating the seat tracks

    I was watching a Mercedes Source video on YouTube ( and he mentions greasing the seat tracks. I have an R129 and was wondering if 1) This is possible and recommended on that model and 2) What oil or grease to use, where to apply?
  2. Whitey

    Starter Motor - lubricating flywheel

    Guys Been reading most of the net regarding starter motor problems ie. earth straps, motor rebuild etc. I read about lightly greasing the flywheel via an access panel in the bell housing - now, should I try this or just get a new starter and be done with it ?! Thanks ! Whitey
  3. reflexboy

    lubricating rubber seals

    I know this has been discussed before, but I want to lubricate all the roof seals on my SL. Whilst there are not really any creaks now, I just want to ensure none happen in the future and the rubbers stay supple and do thier job. I have some halfords silicone lubricant in an aerosol and some...
  4. J

    lubricating the throttle cable..

    Hi all, Recently my W124 E220's throttle had became rather rough when you step on it. It used to be quite smooth so I was thinking whether it needs some lubrication on the throttle cable (is that what you call it?). If so, would anyone please give me some details as how to do it and what sort...
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