1. H

    Vario roof lubrication

    Hi All, First post on forum to its probably been dealt with in the past. What do members use to lubricant a Vario roof fitted on an SL500 2004. Also any tips on maintenance of the roof. Cheers
  2. GlenQ

    Lower steering ball joint lubrication

    2000 W220 S500 I've recently been having squeaking/creaking from the front O/S of the car. Local independent could not find the cause as the problem was intermittent but they said that the car would pass an MOT. Today my local stealership has informed me that the lower steering ball joint is...
  3. S

    Ignition Barrel Lubrication

    Hi All I have recently noticed that when I put the ignition key in the lock the motorised sound you get at the steering lock comes off has changed. It has started to sound like the mechanism needs lubrication. Should I spray a little ptfe in the hole or am I asking for trouble? Many thanks...
  4. jamie280e

    W124 Wiper Lubrication help needed!

    Hi All, Ive found the 'how to' on lubricating the wiper mechanism on the W124 but am struggling. First clip is off, Ive removed the hex bolt (what does that actually do) BUT its doesnt appear that the big plastic cover on mine is plastic. It seems to be metal and Ive no idea of how to...
  5. C

    Hood mechanism lubrication

    Hi can anyone tell me what is the best grease, oil or other lubricant to do the hood mechanism on my 500 SL. All the joints look a bit dry ! Cheers Steve
  6. B

    Sunroof lubrication - what to use?

    I have a 1990 W126 coupe with electric tilt-and-slide sunroof, but I think this question applies to all MB sunroofs. To avoid expensive problems when the roof jams, it is said that regular lubrication is vital. But it's often overlooked. What lubricant should be used? Browsing the forums (esp...
  7. Baron_Samedi

    Hinges... Do they Need Lubrication?

    Hi All, Quick question - on other cars I have owned, they come back from service with the hinges covered in some white goo (ooer) that I presume is a dry lubricant of some kind. Now, I have recently come into possession of my car and it doesn't appear to have this residue. (possibly valeted...
  8. Baron_Samedi


    Something I was wondering as I was washing the car the other day.... Could the folding mirror mechanism do with a little lubrication to ease its traverse? What do you think?
  9. verytalldave

    Window winder lubrication

    My drivers door window groans a bit sometimes. I suspect its just needs a touch of lubrication. Is there an easy way of doing this without taking all the door trim off? I have a 2004/5 W203. I was thinking of just pushing the small red tube which comes with WD40 down between the glass and the...
  10. S

    clk320 w208 wiper lubrication

    read on what car magazine that the wiper mechanism does not get looked at in the servicing, and it should be greased up, as it is very expensive to replace if it fails through lack of maintenance, any ideas how to go about this, or is it beyond a diy er. yhanks
  11. compress ignite

    Proper Lubrication

    third hand through VeeDubTDI on the other forum: The secret is ferrofluidic titration, with deposits of Carbonized Race Augmentation Particles, or CRAP, being spread throughout the line. This eases the flow of blinker and brake light fluid, increasing my fuel economy and karmachameleonic gear...
  12. portzy

    Need some lubrication!

    Thought that might get your attention!. Anyone know where I can get hold of some clear/white/ or cream coloured high melting point grease from?. Genuine need, if boring, which I will explain if anyone insisits. By the way read somewhere that Halfords "finish line" teflon spray cures squeeking...
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