1. AngryDog

    If it wasn't for bad luck...

    Monday night the washing machine breaks mid wash, great. This morning the boiler decides it doesn't want to be a boiler anymore, it wants to be a waterfall. They say it comes in three's, so what is next?
  2. Felstmiester

    Bad luck or neglect with tyres

    Had a nightmare the past year with rubber on the c63. First one was a blow out while traveling up to the MLS day a while back witch disintegrated a large portion of the inside wall. Then a couple of weeks after that the other rear developed a bump in the middle of the tread. This wasn't so bad...
  3. D

    Soon to be a c350e driver, with a bit of luck...

    Hi all, After ordering my C350e in early October, I've waited patiently while the initial deliver estimate of February passed, then the second estimate of April passed. I now approaching the third estimate of June, without a lot of confidence that the car will arrive. Looking on the bright...
  4. Swift1092

    Red battery, visit workshop, just my luck

    Im sure this has been covered many times but put my car up for sale, got two people coming to view at the weekend, went to take it to the garage for fuel and upon turning ignition on red battery picture with visit workshop, ive put my volt metre on both the aux and main battery they both read...
  5. BTB 500

    2006-2007 Vito or Viano with the 3.0 V6 CDI? Bad luck, it's going to break down.

    A little update on this: Basically M-B spotted a manufacturing defect with the crankshaft position sensor (CPS) fitted to the OM642 3.0 V6 CDI diesel engine between approx. January 2006 and December...
  6. Druk

    The luck of the Irish?

    He will be lucky. Dublin Job Lot ! Irish Mercedes W123 Vintage 250 Limo + W 123 Merc 280 CE Coupe | eBay And it includes this disclaimer: :D:D "No Refunds (Under Any Circumstances). We will glady accept the Item back from you (as a Free Donation on your part) ; but you will not get...
  7. Palmball

    Interesting - MO Tyres or just luck?

    I've always been sceptical of the value of MO tyres, but today I might have just been convinced. My SLS had 4 almost new Pirelli P-Zero's but, since I've had it I couldn't get the wheels balanced properly. At 80-100 leptons, the wheel would shake...only slightly, but it was definitely there...
  8. BigChap

    Unbelievably bad luck!...

    Just back from two weeks away working, jumped in the car and was turning into a tight concealed entrance at a garage forecourt and heard a little bang, closely followed by a car passing me, as I'd braked sharply mid-entrance because suddenly a car appeared trying to exit I thought at first it...
  9. J

    7 Years bad luck????

    The passenger vanity mirror in my 2006 CLK 200 (W209) cabriolet is cracked (must have looked too long!) It 's the electric one. Does anyone know if just the mirror can be replaced or is it a whole new visor?
  10. Peter DLM

    Bit better luck this weekend.....

    E200 GCI Avantgard, though still not a facelift model annoyingly. It's nice to experience a petrol motor with an auto box in an E-Class again, even if it's the baby one. Twice I had to check the rev counter to make sure it was running. Surprising amount of poke displayed on the short drive...
  11. C

    E220 2005 Side Mirror indication failure warning. Installed new but no luck. HELP

    :dk: Hello there. I have a w211 e220 2005. The passenger side mirror's indicator failed. i had a warning message saying LEFT SIDE INDICATOR FAIL etc. The indicator was broke, glass was cracked so i went to mercedes and got new LED indicator same as the original one installed...
  12. G

    New to the W124 scene :-)...wish me luck!!

    Hi, I've always admired the W124's, especially the pillarless coupes. Ive finally found one and think I might be going for it? Ive always been into Jap cars, but just last year I brought an E30 325i cab with colour coded hard top :-) haven looked back since. Cheers Sam
  13. N

    How bad is my luck!!!

    After getting my brake pads changed and poly V belt replaced by Alf203 yesterday the car was struggling to start today. I plugged in the OBD and low and behold the glowplug controller module seems to have gone. If its not covered by MB warranty Terry here I come.
  14. S

    Luck escape, the chap walked

    Shelsley Walsh Caterham crash - Talk Photography
  15. X

    Bad luck or Bad advice ???

    Hi Folks, I just joined this forum as it has some great info !!!! I have had an E270 CDi estate 54 plate for a couple of weeks now, all was fine till Thursday when there was a bang ( sounded like a petrol engine backfire ), I rang a merc indy about ten miles away and he said sounds like a hose...
  16. 230K

    Off to Paris tomorrow eve, wish me luck.

    Hi Well its holiday time for the 230k family and we are off to a campsite near Paris tomorrow eve. Journey includes Belfast to Stranraer (Stena) then Stranraer to Folkestone and tunnel to Calais. Once out the other side it should be 2 hours or so to Berny Riviere North East of Paris...
  17. D

    Good Luck To Carl Froch Tonight!

    Let's hope he sticks to his gameplan and spanks the Yank! Come on Carl!!!!! :devil:
  18. P

    bad luck comes in threes!

    flat tyre 6 weeks ago, same tyre flat again with another unrepairable puncture! and the dent i got a couple of weeks ago! Who have i wronged recently to deserve such ****ty luck! Lets hope that is the end of it!:wallbash:
  19. M

    Halifax to give away £6m - is "luck" the new interest??

    So bankers are going into the lottery business - using our money! I've just been invited by Halifax to register for their latest money-wasting wheeze - a £6 million prize draw. Now if times were good, it wouldn't be so bad. But I sort of got the impression that banks were going broke. Didn't we...
  20. EDZ649

    Good luck......

    £125,000 of Classic Mercedes Parts Spares and Parts 99p on eBay (end time 01-Jul-11 19:39:05 BST)
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