1. J

    How lucky can you get?

    'I was looking for a parking space' says wedding guest whose Mercedes got stuck on a Newquay beach | The Cornishman
  2. T

    Lucky Escape

    After spraying a garden ornament with silver, i didn't realise that the wind accidentally blew the silver paint onto the side of my obsidian black car, when the car was washed the next day i noticed it, Horrified, got the T-cut out and quickly removed it after an effort, now it is not noticeable...
  3. P

    Third Time Lucky

    Hello, I'm hoping for third time lucky with my next MB. I love the marque, having been a die-hard Land Rover owner for many years. I've previously owned a C270cdi Avantgarde estate 2000MY, but it turned out to be a dog and after 4 months the engine gave up on 130k miles. :fail My 2nd...
  4. B

    New Merc - Got lucky with spec

    So I sold my E350, which was sad, but I needed to free up some cash, so I purchased a mega miles E320 cdi. It seems that I got lucky. When I say mega miles, it's scarcely run in at 185k (2002 car). I purchased it in a hurry yesterday. It was described by the seller as 'immaculate for...
  5. dan-mb

    HGV crash lucky escape! VIDEO

    driver lucky not to get squashed by this HGV. I dont know how he stayed so relaxed.
  6. P

    Lucky owner of a GLK 220 4matic

    Hi, Have joined to be able to discuss airmatic and the new c class. I am about to change my loved Glk 4 matic. Living in France I was able to buy one. Had it 3 yrs but the replacement is arriving a little later than my change cycle so am thinking of a c class 4matic estate, 4matic is readily...
  7. flying haggis

    lucky spectators

    Jolly Rally Valle d'Aosta 2014 - Big crash - YouTube
  8. The Boss

    how lucky were they

    ok.. just came across this online.. from 2007 i believe.. but OMG..
  9. Harrythedog

    Are some people born lucky?

    Sorry dodgy video link, can mod please remove thread
  10. W4E300

    Thanking my lucky stars

    Whilst heading up one of our main motorways last week at around 11:00, I was tailed at speed in a spirited fashion(!) by a Jaguar xk. The road was pretty clear and we we both 'enjoying ourselves' a bit .... We both flew passed a Skoda Octavia in the left hand lane, driven by a guy in a white...
  11. markjay

    Wisconsin lucky escape
  12. E

    Some not so lucky

    Especially if they're away for xmas. Hats off to them...:thumb: Soldier Surprise Compilation - YouTube
  13. M

    Check this out for a lucky escape !!

    Russian trucks crash into each other, one driver nails the dismount
  14. Steve Holland

    Lucky merc driver after crash....!!!

    Story explains all ....the mind boggles impact speed? Pictured: Driver's 'miracle' escape as Mercedes is left hanging over edge of 100ft Barton Bridge | Manchester Evening News -
  15. Satch

    One very lucky police officer

    Plus one total piece of scum. VIDEO: Police officer 'thrown into the air' - News - getsurrey
  16. verytalldave

    Lucky squirrel ! ! ! ! !

    ...........or maybe its a weasel........doesn't look like a squirrel to me......... Lucky Squirrel vs Lamborghini on MSN Video
  17. M

    Mercedes C63 Detail. Another lucky friend of the family!

    Hi guys Here is the C63 AMG I completed recently for a friend of the family. This had a full interior detail and an enhancement detail over two days. The car was a complete mess as it only has had a hose thrown over it since brand new. The guy had gone for the super guard protection when...
  18. J

    Mercedes 815 vs cyclist, I was so lucky?

    I was cycling along on a nice sunny morning last week in the outskirts of Newcastle. A 7.5 tonne Mercedes 815 refrigerated truck decided to drive out from a side road and catapulted me into the opposite carriageway. Thankfully there was no traffic coming in the opposite direction. I was very...
  19. S

    New merc owner(2nd post lucky)

    :mad:Hi, I have just bought a C180se coupe for my wife. I know it isn't every ones choice, but it is the one she has always liked. I have been looking for a while, and wanted to surprise her. I saw one I really liked. It looked perfect, the body work is absolutely stunning, considering it is...
  20. BTB 500

    A very lucky driver ...

    Lorry flips over on bridge and held upside down over 200ft drop in China | Mail Online
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