1. Gledsyc63

    Car lurching stalling when selecting gear

    Just after some advice or help pinpointing a problem. Car c63 2012 V6 tune Full ipe Carbon intake Quaife diff For the last 2 years the car has been slightly jumpy rev needle bouncing very small amounts. I had a full software update done to try rectify the problem. The tranny fluid was...
  2. bert301

    W203 C320 autobox lurching into 1st

    My engine management light has just come on. It has also gone into some sort of limp mode. Speed is not restricted but high revs (giving it the beans) is. When I slow to a stop it seems to select what I guess is first gear either too early or before the car has stopped giving that slight lurch...
  3. L

    CLK W208 Engine lurching and stalling during traffic

    Hi Guys, Over last several months, my W208 has infrequently stalled, during light traffic. My trusted indy couldn't see anything amiss during it's service. Since then, and after doing a long trip during the weekend, it's has noticeably started to lurch and stall during slow traffic. On...
  4. gbjeppm

    Lurching violently to right on heavy braking

    Ideas please: My 560 SEC is lurching quite violently to the right under braking, the harder i brake the more it lurches. This afternoon on a test run, it even skidded/wheels locked up and ABS did not kick in (this was braking very hard at 60 mph). It was doing this a little before, and I...
  5. K

    Lurching acceleration??

    Ok so lurching might be too strong a word for it but my 2004 C220 cdi has deleloped the habit of a gentle lurch or intermitant acceleration at low revs (around 2000ish). Not all the time but increasing. Feels like I'm on a boat sometimes:crazy: I think it's starting to happen at higher speed...
  6. McGreggor

    Lurching under heavy braking!

    I had a bit of a moment shall we say on the way home from work today.. Firstly the car is a '96 C36 AMG and only yesterday I put on some 18" monoblock wheels, and pirelli Pzero boots. They are 225/40 on the front and 255/35 on the rears. I was driving in a manner that the car was designed for...
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