1. whitenemesis

    Best Luxury Cars 2018

    Which would you choose, as a passenger obviously! It's between the Bentley and the Maybach for me. The Roller is one ugly car, inside and out. Especially the front 'face' :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]gRRR1v_XBsc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. P

    Luxury 1 week holiday at Gleneagles.

    Hi, a friend of mine has booked and paid £4'200 for 7 days in a luxury lodge st gleneagles. The lodge sleeps up to 6 people and includes 1 round of golf for 1 person. They have had a last minute emergency so can't go and we are trying to sell it on rather than it going to waste. She is looking...
  3. M

    Mercedes Style luxury yacht Arrow460 Granturismo - Video

  4. rockits

    Jaguar xj 2011/11 black 3.0 diesel twin turbo premium luxury £22950 vat qualifying

    Just selling/replacing my work XJ so have given to my brother to sell for me. He sells all my cars for me as it is his line of work and business. Much easier this way ;) Always happy to do a nice deal for a MB Club UK member though either as private sale from me or through my brother retail...
  5. P

    w163 MY2003 ML500 springs - u49 sport pack u61 luxury

    Hi MB friends! My rear springs have bought it after the princely record of 160,000 miles of UK speed bumps :bannana: The VIN decodes as having the u49 sport pack, which has the bits and bobs I can see (bumper, wheels, exhaust tip etc). My mechanic reckons we need to order in the ML55 AMG rear...

    Mitton Hall Luxury Supercar Meet

    It's this Sunday guys get yourselfs down :)
  7. grumpyoldgit

    Mercedes-benz f 015 luxury in motion

    watch?v=DYTV4d-Gn0s World premiere of the Mercedes-Benz F 015: Luxury in Motion at the CES | Daimler Global Media Site > Brands & Products > Mercedes-Benz Cars > Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars > Concept Vehicles <<<-- More info here.
  8. C

    W209 CLK Luxury Climate Control

    Hi all, ive managed to pick up a luxury climate control panel for my 2005 CLK and for the most part things seem to be ok, the only small bugs ive noticed are when I manually set the panel to blow only at my face or at the windscreen some air is still being directed to the footwell, the other is...
  9. The _Don

    Super-rich Indians buy up £1BILLION worth of luxury property in London's Mayfair
  10. I

    luxury climate control

    Hi upgraded the climate control in my 2007 c230 some time ago all worked fine but after letting the battery go flat air is no longer being directed to the windscreen tried the reset can hear the actuators move and with the fan speed hi air is being directed to the screen and all other vents in...
  11. HB

    Mega Vito Luxury
  12. CLA180SPORT

    Why don't more people drive luxury brands like Mercedes or BMW?

    I Don't understand why more people don't choose cars like the CLA or C Class or 3 Series BMW. For example, I paid £1800 advance payment and £280 per month on a fully maintained lease for my CLA, yet the Insignia or mondeo or similarly sized cars are often just as expensive and sometimes even...
  13. HB

    Sheer Luxury Vito Style

    Renaissance van - Cars - How To Spend It
  14. Palfrem

    Gentleman's luxury express

    1993 MERCEDES 600 SEC AUTO BLUE | eBay
  15. D

    04 Mercedes ML350 Low Milage, Luxury Pack

    Hi, I`ve decided to sell my ML as my W202 is sat on drive getting rusty and I want it back on road. I`d rather sell it to the forum member, to make sure it’ll be well looked after. 58000 miles (will go up as car is used daily) MOT 02.2014 TAX 08.2014. More info can be found on autotrader...
  16. grober

    Scientist banned from revealing codes used to start luxury cars

    Thread subject as per title really. The high court imposed an injunction on the University of Birmingham's Flavio Garcia, a lecturer in computer science, who has cracked the security system used by such cars as Porsches, Audis, Bentleys and Lamborghinis . The cars are protected by the system...
  17. T

    W164 Luxury Pack

    Does anyone know what the above consists of for a 2007 ML? Been looking at a few and when I run there VIN numbers I find a few have this pack. Terry
  18. ss201

    S*d the luxury garage, I want a deck like this for nothing. Write a few hit songs and look what it gets you. Missed my way, obviously. Knew I should have been a rock star Recorded live at Daryl's House. Don't you just hate the man? "I Saw the Light"- Todd Rundgren, Daryl Hall - YouTube
  19. markjay

    Luxury Watch Maintenance

    Interesting read: The high cost of ownership has just begun -
  20. S

    Mercedes officially stopping Maybach luxury collection

    Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz announced earlier that it would be discontinuing its Maybach super-luxury line. That is now official, following the launch of its price list for 2013. Will you be trying to sell or purchase a new or used SUV? If this seems like you, get the ideal Ford at Gus Johnson...
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