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  1. J

    Just purchased first M/B.

    Hi to all fellow car enthusiasts! Have already learned a wealth of information from this forum . Always liked tinkering with mechanical things, like to try and fix/maintain them myself. Not tight, honest! just like to be able to learn new things and be independent. So much...
  2. optimusprime

    For sale M/B Repair jack point

    Hi these four items i have for sale see picture .Check your number before you purchase please. Purchased these to do my jacking points but never used them .The part is to thick to do simple repair to jack holes on w124 .. M/B no longer make the part for my repair .. This is the thick plate...
  3. M

    New to M/B Club forum

    Hi Guys, I am looking for 2002 slk related threads, is there a SLK specific discussion forum on here as I cannot seem to find one :dk: Cheers millie moo
  4. JohnnyLou

    m/b 220 cdi est.

    hi...on my 08' reg 220 cdi is there a pdf filter fitted? or how can i find out by looking on the spec sheets or other paper work i recieved on purchase? thanks for any info.....
  5. JohnnyLou

    my first m/b,

    hi to you all, this is my first post and my first purchase of a m/b car, some advice would be welcome... the car is a 08 plate 220 cdi estate td, its very low milage and in show room condition, are there any issue's with this model i should look out for? any tips please?
  6. J

    m/b bodyshop in witham

    Hi everyone, Just an enquiry,has anybody had cause to use the m,benz bodyshop in Witham, essex? This is now the eastern areas designated shop for warranty work and i was wondering if anyone has any reports about them,good or bad! w210 in for rust issues soon. (no suprise there eh!)...
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