1. D

    W123 M102 230E 1985 Fuel Pump Issue

    Hello Hoping this forum will help throw some light on a frustrating issue I have with a ‘barn find’ W123 M102 which is refusing to pump fuel. The car incidentally has been sitting for a few years, however it does crank with compression and every indication would suggest it should run with a...
  2. C

    W124 '92 230E - Starts then stalls

    My son just bought an old W124 (230e) saloon with several faults, and I am trying to help him to get this car back on the road (I have had several W210's, a couple of W126's and currently I am the proud (?) owner of a W163, but I never touched a W124 before now...) First of all, there was the...
  3. SG1

    W124 E200 M102 - Head Gasket?

    I'm no expert mechanically so seeking some further opinions. My M102 E200 has some cream in the coolant, you can just about see it on the top of the bottle itself. It has also consumed some oil, I should of checked how much as I topped it up today but it was certainly a noticeable amount on...
  4. V

    W123 200 M102 Sensor Identification

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of stripping down and rebuilding the engine on my 1983 Euro W123 200. The car is fitted with the M102.920 2.0 Carburetor engine. When I bought the car, it had no engine, I have since sourced one and I am slowly stripping it down and rebuilding it ready to...
  5. V

    W123 200 (M102) Under Bonnet Pics Reqd- Coolant Hose Connections

    Hi everyone, I am currently restoring a 1983 Mercedes W123 200 saloon. When I purchased the car, it came without an engine. I have since purchased an engine but it had already been removed from the car too! I am in need of some under bonnet photos of the engine showing the coolant pipe/hose...
  6. anfieldassasin

    m102 water pump and belt tensioner

    Anyone have any idea how hard it would be to change the water pump and the belt tensioner assembley on an m102 motor? My water pumps leaking from the weep hole underneath Any diys anywhere? Sam
  7. L

    M103 to M102 SWAP

    Hello there, I was wondering if its possible install an M102 on a W126, and without much difficult & spending? regards lesten
  8. W

    M102 spring loaded rachet chain tensioner failure? Help please.

    I need someone's advice with these spring loaded rachet type tensioners on the M102 engines please. Even with the rachet engaged into the body the plunger itself can go backwards into the body when pressure is applied but only by 4mm or so then it stops. By means I am able rock the plunger back...
  9. F

    [Question] differences m102 2.3 8v and 2.3-16

    Hi. I had to abandon the idea of making the 190 with m104 3.2, because I couldn't find a decent base 190 2.6 to do so, so now my question is about the internals of m102 2.3 8v and 2.3-16. I know the 16v engine has the head built by cosworth, but what about the rest of the internal components...
  10. C

    W124 Gearbox issues 230ce (m102)

    Hello I'm having a few issues with the gearbox on my w124 (pre-facelift m102 engine). When it changes up there is quite a jolt like the car is being kicked from behind. I've had the ATF changed which was pretty low and dirty but its made no diffrence. If it is the autobox what are my options...
  11. horatio

    M102 intermittent cut out problem

    The engine can cut-out (usually at a junction), when switched off and back on again is fine! Last time it did there was a fairly loud humming noise from the fuel pump. This might just be because it was re-priming after the cut out though? This is very intermittent, most drives it does not...
  12. I

    M102 Twin Timing Chain from what year?

    Hi, I've dug around, but no success with this one. Would anyone know what 2ltr (ish) M102 got the Twin Chain, was it the 962? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Paul
  13. C

    M102 Rocker Cover Removal

    Hi I'm about to remove the rocker cover on my M102 W124 coupe, in order to get it powder coated along with the air box lid. Is this fairly straightforward? I've located the 4 stud bolts are these the only thing that are required to remove it (I would have tried removing it but it was too hot...
  14. D

    Poor/low idle M102 when re-starting after hot?

    On my C124 with the 2.3L M102 it's had an annoying tendency after a decent length run (so that the engine's warm) and then switched off to idle too low/stall when switched back on again. This quickly resolves once you've got it up and running again. It's done it for a long time and so isn't...
  15. D

    M102 230CE bad engine noise/rattle

    I have a problem with a 2.3 M102 engine in a C124 230CE. It has developed a horrible rattling noise at low revs. For all the world at start up you'd think it was just an exhaust heatshield clattering away. However, this very quickly disappears and changes to the noise I hope you might be able to...
  16. L

    Manual for M102.945 engine?

    Hi there, new to the world of Mercedes. I have a mercedes 210 2.3 petrol powered camper. need to track down a workshop manual and work out which carb I have too. If anyone can help me I would be grateful received. Cheers, Richard
  17. imbck666

    W124 M102 2.3 Engine Timing Help

    Hi all, Tackling the head gasket on my 230E which did not need to be done but am doing it anyway as the miles are stacking up (187,000) on original gasket. I'm restoring the car very slowly to its former glory so started off with this job. I've taken the head off, all in good condition...
  18. imbck666

    W124 M102 Head Bolts

    Hi all, Doing the headgasket on my 124 M102 engine :)) Took the head off yesterday, everything looks clean and in order.. pistons are clean and valves clean as well :) Im in a dilemma now as I cant seem to get hold of Head Bolts for my car. I have called Euro Car Parts and they dont...
  19. imbck666

    '124' 230E M102 Belt Tensioner again :(

    Made a boo boo on the tensioner last night, Whilst loosening the 19mm bolt to loosen the tensioner I also untightened the tensioner adjusting rod a little too much so the rod is now loose as if its not connected to anything within the tensioner I have searched every post on various forums...
  20. imbck666

    w124 fan removal m102

    Hi all, currently working on my car to change belt... Need urgent help as I can't remove my fan. Its an electromagnetic coupled fan so no viscous. Everytime I try to open nut holding the fan the waterpump turns along with the rest of the belt. I'm going nuts lol Is there a way to get this...
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