1. Charles Morgan

    Correct tool for joining together timing chain on M110 engine

    My friend Simeon has a 280GE in for engine work and he asks if I could help find the correct MB tool. The timing chain is being split and there is an MB tool to rejoin the chain, but his local dealership isn't able to help - any suggestions welcome, he kindly hosted the Bicester gtg last spring...
  2. G

    W123 M110 Engine and auto gearbox

    This is a complete M110 2.8L Petrol engine and automatic gearbox. It was fitted to a W123 280TE estate car, I have every reason to believe the mileage on the car is genuine at 141,035. When the engine was taken out of the car last week it was running. I want £110 or best offer for this...
  3. B


    I have the above mentioned Vehicle. We changed the top and on completion found that the car could not start. We have a problem that we are not sure that the vacuum lines are in the correct places. Can somebody Advice please. Thanks in advance
  4. I

    M110 Valve seals - Specialist needed

    Hi All, Would anyone know of anyone - up north if possible - who could change the valve seals on my 280CE. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Paul
  5. I

    M110 280 Blowing Hot and Cold

    Hi All, I collected a w123 280CE today, it ran very well at up to 85 mph for over an hour down the M6. As soon as I hit slow progress, the temperature zoomed up towards 120. The cab air blew hot until the temperature rose rapidly when it blew cold, this despite the fan being on full hot...
  6. C

    M110 bore

    Hey y'all. Purely out of interest, anyone know what displacement the M110 can be bored out to? How strong are these blocks? and if anyone has done it, was there any power gain at all?
  7. N

    No power to fuel pump - W116 M110 280SE

    I am not getting any power to the fuel pump of my 1977, 280SE, W116. I have only one relay in the fuse box with two numbers on it - 0015422219 and 0332205001, so I assume that controls the fuel pump? Anyway, I tried to bridge terminal 30 and 87 but the pump still won't run. Then tested to see if...
  8. JcMercZ

    M110 Waterpump pulley

    Hi Guys Can anyone help, i require a waterpump pulley off an earlier version of the 280e m110 engine. It is the shorter type pulley i need, not the longer version as found on later engines Thanks
  9. B

    M110 engine from R107 280SL

    Hi here is perhaps a stupid question, but is there a difference between the M110 2.7 engine from the R107 280SL for a manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox or could i replace my engine(auto box) with an engine that has been mated to a manual. Apologies in advance. Richy
  10. JcMercZ

    Gearbox 280 SL (m110 engine)

    This gearbox is surplas to my needs. Bought off member Druk on this forum, i beleive he ran this no problems on his car until its removal. I have never fitted it or seen it working, so feel free to ask questions as will be sold as seen/agreed. Im open to sensible offers.
  11. JcMercZ

    Problem fitting gearbox to m110 engine

    Hi all. I have a w114 280e(old m110 engine and box) and am trying replacing it with r107 280 m110 engine. Ok being a newer varient of the m110 (r107) there are a few differences, which we beleive we can get around except one..the sl gearbox is totally different i.e. Different belll housing and...
  12. JcMercZ

    280e M110 engine (W114)

    Am looking for M110 280 engine in good working condition
  13. Druk

    M110 280SL engine and gearbox complete.

    M110.986 2.8 engine from 280SL. Complete with everything, all ignition/fuel/electrical components, pump/filter, gearbox/torque converter etc. Recent cylinder head rebuild. New timing chain and tensioner, water pump, plugs, exhaust downpipe et al. Gearbox included. Really good, well cared...
  14. D

    Cold Idle W114 280CE with M110

    I am restoring a 71 W114 280CE with 69k on the clock. It has the Bosch D Jetronic system, and wont cold idle. Starts no problem, will idle when reaching normal temp and is ok warming up if you keep the throttle pressed to a fast idle. When warm idle is managed ok when engaging auto drive...
  15. J

    M110 valve spring compressor

    I'm considering changing the timing chain and tensioner on my '84 280CE (M110), myself. It seems the MB spring compressor is very expensive, and many people seem to use home fabricated versions. I've found this Sealey device online: Sealey VS168 Valve Spring Compressor Lever Type OHV/OHC...
  16. Levismerc

    M110 water pump - shaft extension or not?

    Hello all I'm replacing the radiator on my 280CE and it seems to make sense to renew the pump while I'm at it. My dilemma is that my parts supplier list two pumps for my car - with or without shaft extension. Which do i need? The car is an '83 model, auto transmission, no aircon. The...
  17. D

    w123 m110 into a w114

    hi to all! I finally got my compression gauge in the post yesterday, and it turns out that number 5 cylinder has none what so ever! so all that mucking around with regulators, pumps and sensors was a total waste of time unfortunatly! BUT at least its over.... Want to say a big thank you to all...
  18. Levismerc

    M110 warm up regulator needed - help!

    Hello all I'm in need of a warm-up regulator for an M110 280 (CE W123). Does anybody have one? Mine is dead and the only luck I've had so far in finding one is from MB and they want £500 of my hard earned! The Bosch part number is 0438140103 Thanks in advance Tim
  19. M

    m110 engine 280slc

    idle speed and how to set
  20. B

    1978/79 M110 needed

    looking for a 78/79 M110 engine for my W123 280CE will also need fuel pump and pipework, ignition coil and module and possibly a few other bits too, would Consider taking a whole donor car if the year is about right must be early W123 and for reasonable money thanks
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