1. C

    rear main seal, M113

    hello all, ive noticed an accumulation of engine oil around the bottom of the bellhousing on the cls55, doesnt seem to be coming from top of engine, when i removed the black blanking plate on the bottom of the bellhousing, there was some engine oil in there too. At this point, im considering...
  2. flowrider

    M113 spark plug recommendations.

    What spark plugs are you using in your M113 engines? I have been on the NGK website and they have 2 options..... Recommended - PFR5G-11 Upgrade - BKR5EIX-11 Not a lot of difference in price. This is for my 2004 R230 SL500. Thanks
  3. cliveBRABUS

    M113 55 engine

    wanted for a project v8 55 M113 engine
  4. E

    E55 m113 timing

    How hard is this to do.will get the timing tools but just wondered? Sus exhaust valve down so going take the head off and get done. Cheers
  5. Myclk55amg

    M113 55 amg engine

    Has anybody put a performance air filter on m113 55 amg v8 engine? Such as a k&n Would love to put one on mine but I've heard they knacker airflow sensors up after about 10 miles or so!
  6. P

    Timing an M113

    I don't suppose anyone has managed to remove the timing case cover of an M113 5.0 whilst its still in the car, without removing the front end of the car? It's a w163 ML 500. Both head gaskets changed but think it's skipped a tooth and the only way I can see of timing this engine properly is...
  7. Alex

    M113 Weistec Supercharger Kit

    Have an extra kit available for sale. Complete and fully working having covered about 10K miles. PM me with any inquiries.
  8. The _Don

    M113 Amg engine for sale

    Engine from a w210 e55 in fine working order purchased from Msl with a mileage of 105k Ideal for a c43/c55 conversion Pm for price Regards S
  9. C

    m113 (306bhp)

    Wanted M113 306bhp V8 engine with all a cills, loom ecu etc
  10. C

    M113 v8

    Hi I want to install a M113 5.0 (306bhp) engine into a ac cobra replica. I've tried to pm carat 3.6 but as a new member I'm not allowed. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction. I'd also want to bolt it to an appropriate gearbox
  11. sjmaxwell

    pair of M113 air filters (and other engines) - A2730940404

    Brand new genuine Mercedes air filters for M113 and other engines in original box £35, free post to mainland UK
  12. Dogbreath

    M113 55k AMG Belt wrap kits

    Just about to order 1 of these kits. Wanted to know if there is a huge difference in who makes them ? Anyone used a non UPD kit? There is a good £200 difference in price. is it just a name thing. Has there been any known failures with the cheaper kits..? Lee
  13. astamir

    m113 camshafts vs kleemann cams

    Hi guys. Looking forward to make some mods like camshafts upgrade, headers and remapping on my w208 clk55. Checked the kleeman camshafts and it looks like after the upgrade they giving the same power increase as the power difference between older version and the newer version of m113. Where the...
  14. D

    M113 into a W124 - Possible?

    Just some random musings, as I've happened to stumble across a C124 without an engine and a 4.3 M113 (and g'box/ancillaries - from S430). Unfortunately, I can't get both in the same place at the same time (being heavy and non-moving) to even check the size logistics of mating them. However...
  15. MOR8A

    M113 coil packs

    Thought I would mention I have 8 M113 coil packs for sale (from an E55K) not researched price/values as yet. Will find out current new prices. Pm me if interested.
  16. C

    Mercedes M113 W220 W215 Engine Service

    MERCEDES W220 / W215 M113 Engine Service I serviced my engine today, changing the Spark Plugs, Engine Oil, Oil Filter and Air Filters. With the engine warmed, I opened and removed the oil filter on the top front of the engine then raised the car on a ramp, removed the engine underside panel...
  17. merc85

    M113 / m119

    Something i learnt today, I thought a 211 e500 was a m119 quad cam engine, same as a r129. Didn't actually realise it was a m113. So what's the difference between a 211 e500 / e55 other than the charger and the extra displacement? enginewise or is it just that? Also did/has anyone...
  18. B

    CLK 55 AMG Cracked Pipe Into Engine Head - M113

    Hi guys - not posted too much here before but would really appreciate some help. I cleaned the MAF this morning on my 55 and as I was putting the engine cover back on I noticed one of the pipes leading into the top of the right hand engine head had a cable tie round the entry point. I looked...
  19. S

    Kleemann headers M113 New

    As i am selling my SL55 i will not be fitting these, they are brand new and come with new bolts and gaskets. £1000 including postage within the uk
  20. astamir

    M113 plug lead what brands?

    Hi guys Needs to change the spark plug leads on m113 w208 clk55 engine Does anyone knows what brand ignition leads the MB dealers using? Thanks
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