1. ACID

    Eurocharged V7 M156 Tune now availiable at MSL Performance

    Eurocharged M156 V7 tune Released: Exciting news for all MSL Performance and Eurocharged customers The new V7 tune is now available for the M156 engines Feed back from Jerry at Eurocharged is: “V7 has VVT timing adjustments and a more aggressive timing profile. We also open the...
  2. T

    Eurocharged M156 v7 tune

    anyone had the v7 tune yet? still currently in beta but feedback has been more positive than v6. ive had the v6 for two months now and its never been spot on for me. look forward to the v7 tune, ive emailed jerry tonight hoping to get the new map, apparently theyve been able to unlock the vvt on...
  3. A

    M156- fussy on fuel?

    MPG is not something I focus on or care about but I've noticed the car is indicating that my fuel 'economy' is getting better... The usual fuel I use is Momentum as it's local to my work place and I was getting around 23-24 MPG (and on a 100 mile run with Momentum I managed just over 24) but...
  4. 0

    New Piston Rings for M156

    Hi Im looking for replacement rings for engine rebuild dealership are saying I have to buy new pistons to get the rings from them. New pistons would be nice also but I have a budget so a saving wouldn't go a miss if possible any ideas ? Cheers Mike
  5. B

    M156 6.2 AMG engine, loom, ecu and gearbox wanted

    Anyone got this lot for sale? Someone possibly breaking a car? Will most likely need a few more bits as well.
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Least likely economy run

    This week a trip North meant that I had the pleasure of driving at 60 MPH for mile after mile of the M1 between Nottingham and Leeds, much of which is controlled by average speed cameras. When the speed limits were lifted I left the cruise control set to 60 MPH for the rest of the motorway...
  7. I

    Cl63 slight shake or wobble when hot m156 uk model

    Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks https://mbworld.org/forums/cl55-amg-cl65-amg-cl63-amg-w215-w216/648727-shake-slightly-rough-idle-cl63-m156-2008-uk.html#post7121832
  8. mark44

    M156 tuning question

    I am under the impression the M156 other than the dry-sumped SLS is basically the same engine at different states of tune. Most C63's which are the most 'de-tuned' seem to be remap-able up to about the 520bhp region. The later M156 engined E63 + S63's etc had 518bhp. Can they be remapped to...
  9. Hunty2198

    CLS 63 AMG W219 M156Spares or repairs

    My beloved AMG has been written off by an uninsured driver and my settlement figure was poor. Anyone interested in buying the car or parts or know who does? Also not sure how to add pictures of its current state. Mainly rear right wheel damage
  10. D

    m156 engine rattle

    Hi everyone Sorry if this has been covered before and I guess it will have been, However I have a rattle on my m156 when starting up hot after a period of being turned off. Now I thought it was timing chain tensioners but upon doing some digging on the forums I found something about the inlet...
  11. B

    M156 Dipstick Popping / PCV Valve

    Hi, just some general info that may assist others one day. M156 Engine, 112,000 miles - Dipstick popping out under full load. Suspected PCV Valve blocked. No codes of whistling noise tho. Replaced it (it's not too bad on the ML to do, more room between bulkhead engine). Blew threw it...
  12. zenman63

    M156 rebuild after bent conrod

    As above I have stripped down a 2011 engine after it bent a conrod jamming the crank solid. All very good inside and has the revised SLS tappets and head bolts. New rod from MB parts £154 so not to bad. I have a couple of questions that I cannot find clear on my Wis. The bolts in the...
  13. B

    M156 Engine Cover Clips

    Hello, I am looking for the engine front / top cover retaining clips. MB Do not sell them separate from the cover so after some research I have found that a GM Clip fits and you can buy them in 25's from America. 1994-2017 Interior Trim Clips (25) GM 15748479 1/2" X 5/8" Does anyone...
  14. C

    M156 Eurocharged V6

    I had a little stab at reviving an old discussion on MBWorld about Eurocharged V6 for the M156. I didn't expect it to go anywhere but it looks like it's coming in November (http://mbworld.org/forums/c63-amg-w204/585142-eurocharge-v6-wishlist-5.html). Here is what they had to say: "Hey all...
  15. developer

    M156 Fault - Anyone Heard Of It

    I've had this message from a pal of mine looking at C63's - he's been put off by a comment he's heard: .. I know why there is quite a few 3 year old ones about.... it's because they are being dropped at the end of the warranty.... his blew a coil pack.... which took the driver out in the...
  16. Celicasaur

    DPE M156 RHD long tube manifolds - ceramic coated

    Hi guys, gauging interest on my DPE exhaust manifolds because I may sell up soon. These are good for 570hp with a tune on a normal C or E 63. I think after import taxes and shipping etc, I paid around £2400 for them a few months ago. I haven't fitted them and as such, they are brand new...
  17. Hunty2198

    weistec supercharger

    has anyone actually fitted a weistec supercharger onto a cls63 engine M156? I'm thinking of the stage 2. What are the gains and complications? Is it a standard bolt on or do i need to upgrade everything else?
  18. F

    Aftermarket warranty?

    So after having my CLS63 (W219) for over a month, I thought the possibility of head bolt and tappet issue wouldn't worry me too much, or at least, too soon, however I'm thinking of one thing or the other and can't quite decide which way to go. Do I pay for the SLS buckets and revised (or...
  19. C

    M156 C63 Header Options?

    Hi all, Three years down the line, I am still not out of love with my C63. I fleeted with replacing it with a V8 Vantage, R8 V10 and 997.2 Turbo, even a GTR but seriously nothing is close in terms of soul (perhaps Aston but it is slower) so I'm going to hang onto it and mitigate the extra...
  20. L

    M156 - Oil Top Up

    I know the garage has used the Mobile 1 / 0W40 on the last oil change but now I'm looking to do a small top up and was wondering whether its needs to be the exact same oil or whether I could still do a topup with the Mobile 1 New Life 0W40 which I have?
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