1. lisa110rry

    M20 closed on such a busy weekend

    The M20 is closed, apparently after a low loader carrying an excavator (I'm extrapolating here as the BBC's description is a bit woolly), which I imagine must have had a problem as it was travelling on the hard shoulder, struck a footbridge which promptly fell on a lorry. It would seem a...
  2. I

    MoT Garage needed, Ashford, or M20 Corridor

    Hi All, Could anyone recommend an MoT Garage close to the Ashford end of he Channel Tunnel? I’ve three UK cars in Belgium and need to get new tickets on a 123 coupe and a 126 during December and January. I did another one in summer and managed to get to Lancashire without a number plate...
  3. brucemillar

    M20. Be careful.

    Kent Police warning about items thrown from M20 bridges and crossings over A228 at Snodland 25 June 2015 by KentOnline reporter [email protected] Drivers are being told to remain vigilant after...
  4. S

    New S Class spotted M20

    Earlier this morning... MB VIP service plastered up the side. What a bit of kit.
  5. poormansporsche

    F40 Spotted on the M20 this morning :)

    Minding my own business, sound of thunder comes up behind me and this F40 tucks in behind me obviously spotted the black nondescript 5 series in front of me . Gradually creeps past us allowing me to have a good ole shufty. Decides that the 5 series is not a copper and absolutely floors it, 20...
  6. C

    m20 yesterday going to ashford

    im in c63 in middle lane doing legal limit :D,get overtaken at speed by a t reg burgundy vectra closely followed by a normal looking black 58 reg turbo type seat, few seconds later lights start flashing on seat making vectra pull over on hard shoulder im guessing the vectra was doing 90/100 +...
  7. CE230

    Snow on the M20 and others

    Or you should have stayed at home. YouTube - SNOW ON M20 18/12/09 YouTube - SNOW MY ROAD MAIDSTONE KENT 18/12/09 YouTube - SNOW M20 18/12/09
  8. robert.saunders

    M20 Operation Stack

    How does this work in practice?
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