1. R

    M25 junction 15 hadecs speed camera

    Hi all, Just wanted to know if any of you have seen the new yellow HADECS 3 cameras hanging to the left of the overhead gantry on the M25 junction 15 heading towards Heathrow about a mile before heathrow. Has anyone been flashed here? I think I was flashed on the very early morning of 20th...
  2. H

    Interior restoration company near M25

    Hi ALl, I accidentally posted this in the parts section as I need to replace some bits but I wanted to know if anyone has used a good interior restoration company? I want to sort the following- Front seat leather faded and scuffed Centre armrest cover looks like its been poked a thousand...
  3. MD5

    Slk m25 1.5.16

    Hope this SLK was no-one's here.
  4. N

    White C class coupe M25 after MB Meet, VRM: EA61 NRN M25/M1

    Hi All Was on route home from MB world about 12:50 after meeting everyone and was in a great mood. I was following well cruising with a white 14 plate C63 which I suspect was at the meet very nice clean car :thumb:, All of a sudden I was aware of a white c class behind me around junction...
  5. BTB 500

    Over 40 'rubbernecking' M25 drivers to be prosecuted

    Drivers prosecuted after filming or slowing down at scene of serious M25 crash
  6. M

    Cobham Services M25 for PCS GTG - 16 May 2015

    I will get the ball rolling, I can change the times if the majority prefer a later start :) Meet at 7:30 Leaving 8:15 1. Major774
  7. S

    Mobile valeter req J9 M25

    Does anyone know of a decent mobile valeter who can come out and do a day's cleaning every fortnight? I want someone who knows what they are doing (2 buckets, lambswool mitts etc) and can do either half a dozen wash n drys or correct paint as necessary on a flexible basis. I'm loathe to take...
  8. grober

    Just another day on the M25!

  9. E

    Very wet M25 this evening...

    Occasional bits of standing water in places around the north of the M25 this evening. Light traffic. I thought I was doing a reasonable speed of 60mph, but still managed to aquaplane for a short distance... cue reduction of speed... (my tyres have 6mm+ tread) However, there were plenty of...
  10. kalvin928

    really getting pxxxd of with drivers on M25

    What is the point in keep putting wider lanes in on the M25 if everyone wants to sit in 2nd and 3rd lanes? went out yesterday to Leytonstone and on way back just after roadwork's, bloody nightmare.... so my age flashed back to when I was 20 and I just cut through in 1st and 2nd lanes and presto...
  11. O

    M25 an interesting experience - in a good way for once

    Driving clockwise on M25 about 7:30 this pm, approaching M11. Saw a 190SL, silver/grey, soft-top, hood up, LHD (or I think it was a 190 SL, having checked in Wikipedia). Only going about 50, so passed it, to admire in rear view mirror. Nice car! Number plate started off with 144 - don't...
  12. T

    Ashby Folville & M25 german Meet Autobahn25?

    Anyone know when these start I wanted to go to folville last year but it was sogged out on my planned trip Never made the beaconsfield M25 event but some of the pictures of previous ones look good With good weather either would be a good impromptu evening out Boyd __________________
  13. Prash87

    Where to get a Software Update for W204 in M25 Area?

    Hey Guys, I want to get my Command Updated to the latest Version as the Navigation announcement doesn't work properly (Music doesn't go lower while lady announces the route) ... where can I get this done and would I have to pay for this service or can it be included with any services done on...
  14. paul73mt

    M25 j27-J30 Digital Enforcement Camera's

    Had an email from the Highways agency today saying they want to know what we think of the Varable speed cameras on the Motorway as there thinking of turning them on!!! In Controlled Motorway schemes, the enforcement of VMSL will use the Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System...
  15. st13phil

    So, the M25 Gantry Speed Cams have caught...

    ...precisely zero speeding vehicles in the last 12 months :rolleyes: Clicky linky
  16. brucemillar

    M25 Dartford Crossing Today at lunchtime.

    Anybody on here awaiting delivery of a nice new white C63 with mahoosive black turbine wheels and red calipers? Saw one today on the back of a trailer as I went over the QE2 bridge. A lovely looking piece of kit it was to.
  17. I

    Wacked by a W202 on the M40 / M25 Junction yesterday

    Minding my own business yesterday afternoon travelling at about 70mph on the nearside lane where the M40 / M25 exit splits clockwise / anticlockwise when some eejit in the outside lane at the side of me suddenly veers left and hits the rear offside wheel / bumper area of my car sending me...
  18. N

    '98 W202 C250 TD conked out on the M25

    Yesterday I drove about 60 miles on motorways, stopped for 20 minutes & headed back only for the car to just lose power & stall a couple of miles after getting on the M25. Cruising along at about 65 in the LH lane, no funny noises, no warning lights, just no power & the engine died. It's been...
  19. Godot

    M25 Cha Cha Slide (army style)

    ohuV_ff6tLc:eek: After a car crash on the M25, these Irish blokes do the cha cha slide and get joined by the boys in the armed forces !
  20. John757

    New Average Speed Cameras on M25

    Hi All Just seen some new big yellow SPECS average speed cameras on a small new yellow gantry at the side of the road being fitted on the M25 Between the A3 and Dorking turn offs.. they are not currently active.. but appear ready to be switched on at any time.. they work by recording your number...
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