1. L

    M273 v8 - 2009 w211 e500

    Good afternoon, I am looking at a 2009 E500 with the 5.5l M273 in it. I know that some had idler gear issues but it seems to suggest that was only until 2008. It may be that 2009 was the last of the line and actually that is what they meant? Does anybody know if the issue was rectified...
  2. ToeKnee

    Standard or Super unleaded in a M273 engine?

    In my past V8's I've always used super unleaded and altered the timing to give better power. The handbook of my current '06 SL500 states to use 95RON unleaded and I wondered whether anyone uses the super unleaded in their M273 powered cars and whether they felt it made a difference or not?
  3. I

    Anyone an expert on M273 engine?

    The early idler gears teeth wear out. As there is no balance shaft on the m273 and it is literally a timing chain idler gear. Why can't this simply be done in situ? Remove the cam covers, remove the the timing chain case cover, undo the tensioner, would this not leave enough room to be able to...
  4. T

    E500 vs CL500, both M273

    Just pondering a swap of my E500 Coupe (207) for a CL500 (216). Budget dictates the W216 would be an M273 5.5 engined car. Has anyone driven both models and would care to give a comparison? I really like the E500, it's in a relatively light chassis and thus quick. Pretty good on fuel for what...
  5. I


    manual for timing chain replacement M272 M273 pdf Hitfile.net ? your free unlimited file storage
  6. M

    who has had issues with M273 Engine is it that bad

    I just want to know who has had issues with the m273 engine is it that bad my vin number falls in to the ones quoted in the Us lawsuit
  7. M

    M273 W221 2006-2008 S500 Advice

    Hi All I am after some advice regarding a 2006-2008 S500 my dad is interested in, in exchange for his 320CDI W221. Please see below quote, as I started a thread in the General Discussion section but couldn't get adequate amount of replies. *****QUOTE***** After some advice about the...
  8. M

    M273 w221 2006-2008

    Hi guys After some advice about the M273 500 V8 engine in a 2006-2008 S-Class I know that the M272 and M273 engines suffer from balancer shaft, timing, idler and camshaft adjustment solenoid valve problems and there is also a MB Bulletin published online. My dad is really keen to swap his 08...
  9. M

    Remap for stock CLK500 2007

    Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am interested in getting my stock CLK500 (388 ps) remapped. I have looked at the infinite internet sites and they basically fall into 2 categories. One group claims a conservative/realistic 12-15HP increase to 402-ish HP. And...
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