1. kalvin928

    minor bit of fun on M40 this morning

    just got car back from Eurocharged due to vibration issues at around 70MPH, so decided to take the faster, longer route home from Harrow; M40. well the new engine mount has worked and vibration gone. Decided to fluctuate speed from around 70 MPH to XXX MPH; being 7.30 am roads were still quiet...
  2. A

    M40 Oxfordshire shut, car transporter shed load

    Part of the M40 is closed in both directions after a car transporter carrying vehicles hits the central reservation, shedding its load. Wonder what cars they are, no reports of injuries at the mo so that's positive... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-23092227
  3. Charles Morgan

    Silver C32AMG on M40 coming up to the Chilterns going south

    If the nice driver with the beard who wound down his window, gave me a huge grin and thumbs up when I passed you in my SM on my way back home today, is a member of this board, you can have a trip any time! Real petrolheads love cars and real exhibitionists love attention!
  4. I

    Wacked by a W202 on the M40 / M25 Junction yesterday

    Minding my own business yesterday afternoon travelling at about 70mph on the nearside lane where the M40 / M25 exit splits clockwise / anticlockwise when some eejit in the outside lane at the side of me suddenly veers left and hits the rear offside wheel / bumper area of my car sending me...
  5. tompy575

    New SL spied on the M40 today

    Driving back from birmingham today I passed a German registered S420 CDI. Knowing that we don't get it here (and wondering why the car, which was a facelift, wasn't designated 450 as ML/GL 4.0 V8 diesels have been since 2009) I was surprised to see various screens and laptops sprouting from the...
  6. T

    Overtaken on the M40

    This morning while I was taking my weekly run up the M40, as usual not in a particularly fuel efficient rate. Anyway, I had to slow down a little to get past a gaggle of slowly overtaking cars when I happen to notice a black XFR in the rear view mirror; amazing how sinister those bonnet vents...
  7. robert.saunders

    Jeremy Clarkson caught doing 70mph on the M40 while talking on his mobile phone

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/2008/03/11/jeremy-clarkson-caught-doing-70mph-on-the-m40-while-talking-on-his-mobile-phone-89520-20347501/ I'm more interested in his green Mercedes :rock: PS - I don't read the Mirror, honest
  8. anarchy-inc

    M40 Madness

    Anyone else stuck on the M40 yesterday evening? I didn't have the traffic radio on last night so got on the M40 from the M25 blissfully unaware that there was an incident around J4/5 which resulted in only one lane open. It took me 6 (yes 6) hours to get from Vauxhall to Bicester!!!!!! :mad: :mad:
  9. guydewdney

    new camera (to me...M25 south at M40 / M4)

    my bint got flashed at 85 2nd gantry after the M40 turnoff heading towards the M4... i didnt know there were cameras there... :rolleyes:
  10. GrahamC230K

    Somewhere to supply and fit lowering springs - M40 J9 Area?

    I must admit that I am struggling with this one. I want to find somewhere, as local as possible, but willing to travel that can supply and fit some uprated dampers and lowering springs to my car. It seems to me that by getting them supplied and fitted at the same time I am going to save...
  11. Kinky

    Cack pants moment on the M40 this evening ....

    Driving up to Warwick to meet someone. Plodding along, doing erm .... errr ..... 70ish Quick glance in the rear view mirror and I could see a faint cloud of blue smoke. FCEK. Pulled over to slow lane - no blue smoke. Drove about 5 miles - all OK. oil pressure ok, temperature guage does...
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