1. Druk

    Mac upgrade warning

    The iMac notified me of an upgrade to Sierra and I went ahead with it. Just spent the last frustrating hour upgrading and resetting all my Apple passwords and iCloud settings. Now the iMac has frozen me out of all web access and I have to wait till tomorrow for tech help. Sierra? Don't go there.
  2. Conquistador

    Mac help - will not boot

    Got a Mac at work which nobody could remember the password for for a couple of years. I managed to basically reinstall iOS by getting into the recovery mode during startup and when that was all done, it wanted to do a couple of years worth of big updates which I did. Restarted the thing after...
  3. Spinal

    Mac Pro Help

    I have an oldish Mac Pro (2008 or 2009), and it's been pretty good so far. A full complement of 8 sticks of ram, 4x3TB HDDs and two processors. All in, a nice machine. The hard drive died last week, and today I changed that. Now it wont power up, all I get is a relay click from the PSU when...
  4. F

    shared usb hard drive mac

    I have a spare usb hard drive I would like to put to some use. Ideally I would like to store all music and photos here and have it accessible for anyone on our home wifi. The router (virgin) doesn't have a usb port. Can I hook it up to the Imac and somehow make it accessible to...
  5. nigel cross

    New Mac software

    If you are going to upgrade your Mac to the new Yosemite software, make sure you have a time machine backup. I upgraded my iMac last night and it killed it, so had to restore via a time machine backup which took 5 hours. Good news is, that it worked ok, so beware
  6. Benzowner

    I Mac

    Hi all, just upgraded, if that's the phrase, from a PC to an I Mac, very impressed, but, tell me, I have installed Microsoft Office 2008, yes an old system I know, but I had the discs, on the Mac and it won't read my imported files from the PC especially Excel. Any ideas?
  7. jamesfuller

    Snap on and Mac tools

    Having a clear out and selling some duplicates and unused stuff. Offering to forum goers before I put them on auction site. Various screwdrivers good condition £10 each or offers for the lot! Super flexy Mac ratchet only used once £40 Unused 3/8 drive wobbly impact sockets £70...
  8. Mr. B

    CCTV remote viewing for Mac advice req.

    As the title suggests i've recently purchased a Swann security CCTV set up ie 4 x 700TVL cameras and a 960H DVR. The system works fine but the problem I am having is that I want to use my MacBook Pro to remote access the cameras whilst away. The CD software which comes with it is for...
  9. swannymere

    Deleted photos on a Mac

    I've just managed to delete all my photos from my Mac thinking i'd saved them on my AppleTV, to make things worse i did it using Secure Empty Trash so i think they're unrecoverable. However when i click on photos i get up each folder and when i click on thhe folder to get the individual...
  10. Tan

    Outlook for Mac 2011

    Hi I need a mail application for my Mac and would like to use Outlook. Does anyone know if its possible to get outlook without buying a complete office suite. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  11. chriswt

    Any Apple Mac video editing experts here before I burn my MAcbook Pro

    When I bought my Macbook Pro I used to be able to import videos in AVCHD format into iMovie, edit them films and then burn them to a DVD. Now for some strange reason that can only be explained as 21st century progress I've lost that function as I 'updated' my Mac with the latest software...
  12. M

    spot the big mac

    :eek: Used VW GOLF R32 18" ALLOY WHEELS for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 992255)
  13. spinaltap

    Free CrossOver XI for Mac

    Just received an email alerting me to a free download of CrossOver XI on Wednesday 31st October. For those that don't know; CrossOver XI allows you to run many Windows programs (including all MS Office programs) on your Mac without requiring a copy of the Windows OS. It will also run all...
  14. brucemillar

    Mac OSX 10.5.8 need to upgrade

    Folks I am way down on my Macbook OSX 10.5.8 and need to move up. I believe that I have to go to 10.6.XX first and that this cannot be downloaded? I see for sale on ebay a boxed "family pack" of 10.6 with the seller claiming that it is a five license pack and he has only used one (or...
  15. A

    500GB external Hard drives Mac / Lacie / WD

    Hello WD passport 500GB usb 2 / 3 £55 posted Lacie 500GB rugged USB 2 / 3 / firewire 800 £75 posted Please pm me,
  16. A

    Thinking of going to the darkside and buying a Mac

    So after using a PC since I could crawl I'm thinking of going down the Mac route... I work in IT and buy Mac and PC equipment everyday, The Mac stuff does seem very good quality and I never hear of anyone swapping and then going back to a PC. I currently have an Apple iphone, first the 4...
  17. O

    Mac OS X Lion

    What a waste of £20.99!!, all it has done is made my MBP run slower and take up more space on it, also I can't get all the software that I had before working correctly, the reverse scrolling thing is a pain too. Is there any way to go back to Snow Leopard?. The only good thing about it is I...
  18. J

    Apple Mac Pro 2.8ghz and Mac Mini

    Selling the following: Mac Pro 2.8ghz 8 core (2 x 2.8 quad core xeon chips) Nvidia Geforce GT120 512mb graphics card 16gb ram 2 x 1TB Sata hard drives OSX Lion installed with lots of apps This is an animal of a machine and with LION really utilises the 8 cores. MacMini 1.66ghz...
  19. LTD

    WANTED - Mac Mini

    On the hunt for a Mac Mini to carry out streaming duties in the living room. HDMI version preferred (2010 unibody type).
  20. R

    Is your Mac having Flashbacks? :)

    This will probably start another OS bashing match, but nevertheless, it might help someone, so here goes: There are, apparently, a rather large number of Macs infected with Flashback Trojan, so worth checking out if yours is alright. Yes, unlike Windows, OSX as any other -nix OS is not...
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