1. L

    La Pavoni Puccino Espresso machine

    For sale is my espresso machine that was replaced by a B2C machine. It was only used with filtered water and regularly descaled and back flush cleaned. It is in full working order and in excellent condition. There is also a knock box, rubber mat, hand tamper, spring loaded tamper, back flush...
  2. merc85

    Machine polish on the e55k

    Decided against waxing it as noticed a few light scratches, nowt major but thought id get them out before waxing tomorrow. Gave it a light machine polish with Megs Deep crystal stage 2. I really love this Melanite black when the sun hits it, Looks purple then turns green. Awesome
  3. C

    Star machine Cheltenham

    Long shot I know, but just wondered on the off chance that someone might have half an hour or so of time to wonder over to my poorly W210 in Cheltenham. I can provide fuel money and tea/coffee in exchange for plugging in your puter. unfortunately it's not the 16pin OBD2 and needs the 38pin...
  4. MWCLS

    Advanced Dual Action Machine Polisher 6 speed settings 2500opm- 6800opm

    Purchased from Clean your car around 18 months ago. Used twice. Machine with 6 metre cable 6" and 5" backing plates comes with carrying case. £70.00 maybe collection from IG Essex area or post at buyers cost. Link to machine on CYC Web this is the same machine...
  5. EDDIE12

    CYC Dual action machine polisher

    Hi, am selling my Clean your car Das pro Dual Action machine polisher. I've used the machine twice and is in perfect condition. This is one off the best and most powerful DA polishers available and is perfect for anyone wanting too get involved with detailing there own car. The DA will also come...
  6. BAZ-500SL

    Machine or hand

    Ello , just your opinions on which is better I usually and have always polished the car by hand and the results come out good but lately I been hearing that what I spend hours to achieve can be done in less time and better results, so I got my eye on a variable speed polisher 500-3000 rpm...
  7. bouncer

    ghost in the machine

    I have a 2004 Pre facelift W203 The driver’s door button bounces when I lock the car. I have read about this problems a few times on this forum. . . . but I had another issue before this started and I wonder if they could be connected? If I was to go round a sharp corner or roundabout that...
  8. MOR8A

    The new machine.

    Opened a photobucket account. (thanks to AMGeed for the guidance)
  9. L

    Machine polishers

    For cars obviously. The memsahib does the polishing in the house and a jolly fine job she makes of it too.;) Anyhow I've treated myself to a dual action machine polisher which comes complete with 3 grades of Velcro backed foam pad for use with the 3 grades of polish supplied. Just one aspect...
  10. flango

    Best pod coffee machine

    I know we have covered various aspects of this before on other threads but I need to buy a coffee make for my office and for ease it needs to be the pod variety. Lots on offer at the moment at various retailers would like to spend <£100 but thought I would seek the direct experiences of the...
  11. B

    Mercedes star machine, c3

    Selling as just not using anymore. Brought about a year ago, and brought the Dell laptop refurbished at same time. Works really well, has wis, epc, comes with c3 multiplex leads for 16pin obd, small round sprinter lead and older big round lead. Has developer mode with is good. Change...
  12. markjay

    Washing machine spare part

    I am looking for the following item from a UK supplier: Door Handle for John Lewis Washing Machine JLWM1405 (Electrolux) I believe this is the part I need: WASHING MACHINES :: ELECTROLUX WASHING MACHINE RIGHT PORTHOLE HANDLE PART # 147146400 - The usual places ( etc) do not...
  13. ioweddie

    Amazing bridge building machine in action
  14. D

    Allowing car dealer to machine polish... or not?

    I'm buying a used Mercedes which is 4 years old. Overall in very good condition but has the usual swirl marks and some light scratches associated with general wear and tear and poor washing technique that I would guess 99% of the population put their cars through. The dealer is going to...
  15. spinaltap

    B2C Coffee Machine Suggestions?

    My Bosch VeroCafe bean-to-cup (B2C) coffee machine bit the dust this past week. Bosch is unique in not providing a repair service for its coffee machines. For a machine retailing for around £500 this is poor. Fortunately, as it was within their 2 year guarantee period - and they weren't able...
  16. terry@yarmouth

    Best machine for the money

    Ok people here I am again. What is the best car detailing machine for your hard earned. I've been trawling the inter web for a couple of days now, all look good but prices vary so much it's unreal, so I'm asking all those in the know what's the best machine for the money. Any input would realy...
  17. S

    C63 What a Eurotripping Machine

    So i have just got back from a 3 week eurotrip in the c63. From the dull french motorways to the great windy roads of the Swiss mountains to the fast moving italian Autostada's. The car performed absolutely fantastically, and out shone a few exotics with a little help from the re-map...
  18. MercedesDriver

    Bosch washing machine - no lights???

    Guys I need an advise please. My BOSCH VARIO PERFECT washing machine doesn't show any sign of life. :dk: When I want to turn it on no lights come on, nothing. Machine is new but because I bought it from an unofficial dealer as an ex display model it came without Bosch warranty. :wallbash: I...
  19. K

    My Ultimate machine P85D

    Sorry if I mislead you guys by my title, the car is still not here yet! :doh: But I could not contained my excitement. After waited nearly 7 months, it finally went in production this morning!! Original estimated delivery date was June, then it slipped to August, and then it slipped...
  20. M

    Aldi car polisher machine

    Bruvs, How are you all? Have any of you seen the car polishing machine Aldi are selling? What you think, would it be good for a merc or could it damage it. Thanks for replys
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