1. jonnyboy

    various garden machines - camberley

    Gents As part of a reorganisation/upgrade I have a selection of machinery available/coming available. All based in Camberley but can travel !! :- Toro Lawn tractor - 268 hydrostaic with upgrade to 20 hp kohler twin and 40" mulch deck. 650 hours - not bad condition Wheelhorse 227-5...
  2. grober

    If we find aliens they will be machines

    If-we-find-aliens-they-will-be-machines----- no its not some post apocalytic Terminator movie but the considered opinion of Martin Rees the Astronomer Royal at the recent Cheltenham Science Festival. Makes you think. :dk: Astronomer Royal: If we find aliens, they will be machines - Telegraph
  3. John

    Rowing machines.

    So I am getting to the stage where cycling causes a number of issues (aches and pains) mainly because even without much body fat, I am still very heavy. I'm thinking about buying a rowing machine (which I can use all year round as well - I tend to cycle in the better weather and use an...
  4. Stratman

    Washing machines

    As this forum is the fount of all knowledge I'll throw myself upon its collective wisdom. Our old Hotpoint washing machine is terminally ill, if the one inch of play in the drum bearing and the accompanying noise is anything to go by. Replacing the bearing would seem to involve a certain...
  5. E

    Fully loaded smaller engined machines. .

    Just a wondering. . . A house move is taking me from a short cycle to work, to 63 miles each way. Running the C32 is going to cost a fortune, so ideally I'd like to change it for the moment, for a smaller engined model. Probably an oil burner, just for economy's sake whilst we get our feet...
  6. R

    C350 Detailed (by hand, no machines)

    Today to mark my car being owned by me for 1 month, I set about re detailing my C350. I have not used any machines or polishers and my car has not been washed at all since being in my ownership. I have used an awful lot of elbow grease though. Apologies for some dust in some of the photos, I...
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Are SMEG washing machines any good?

    I would be interested to know.

    BBC2 21.00 Tonight - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

    Duplicate post

    BBC2 21.00 Tonight - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

    BBC - BBC Two Programmes - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Love and Power "A series of films about how humans have been colonised by the machines they have built. Although we don't realise it, the way we see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers."...
  10. Godot

    Daring Young Men WITHOUT Flying Machines !

  11. AANDYY

    Britains Greatest Machines - CH5

    Another top TV recomendation from me :D. Here
  12. pupsi

    Variety of Brand New Coffee Machines

    My friends aunties cafe (the french coffee type ones) recently went bust due financial difficulties, and has a few brand new coffee machines that she wants rid of. She collected them as she was a coffee fan and literally just kept them in storage. Boxes are a bit tatty due to the storage but the...
  13. Tan

    Logical Information Machines

    Hi Guys Does anyone know anythin about this company, also known as LIM or its products Mim, Historis? The software they sell performs sophisticated historical energy, equity, bond and commodity research. Regards Tan
  14. M

    Clocking in Machines

    any one know how I go about finding a clocking in machine . I dont mean the old fashion ones with a punch card but something hightech such that peopel cant clock in their absent mates ? We are possibly up for a large (50+) staffing contract that the client wants us to manage - they dont want...
  15. jaymanek

    Anyone see Speed Machines

    I missed it! I planned on watching it since last week, but forgot completely and watched eastenders, then realised in the last ten minutes. The end looked quite interesting, anyone see it?? (By the way it was about Mercedes Vs Bentley Racing)....
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