1. L

    More EU Madness

    I see that EU legislation requires such things as vacuum cleaners to have electric motors of 900W and not 1200W as before. I would have thought that having a less powerful vacuum cleaner would mean it would take longer to clean a carpet. I just wonder what is the energy saving.
  2. T

    New outgoing S 350 CDI ? Madness

    Considering getting a new car The bonnet star is a must for me. Sad, I know, don't remind me. There are a few current Sclasses being shifted with Diesel engines Do ya reckon it's madness buying one in current climate? Presume hard negotiation is possible and 0% finance
  3. ringway

    Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

    There is an old joke that talking to yourself is first sign of madness but we now know its an essential mental tool . So how much of what we do online is that same inner speech? Echo - LINK. Subconscious - LINK. The above episodes are from the BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human series. LINK...
  4. B

    SL65 AMG - Madness?? Or not ...

    I had a test drive of a 2014 SL65 AMG this morning Luxury and 620bhp all in one package But I'm thinking - it's the old model soon to be replaced - is it worth £20k more than an SL63 AMG - it's £100,000 But then I think - it's a rare rare car - it's luxury par not much else - it's...
  5. Brian 1

    Technology Madness

    Wrote all this out, clicked on submit everything went blank and lost it all, Anyway, I picked up my MB CLS tdi Coupe amg today, I have never seen so much technology in a car, how long is it going to take me to get used to this lot, wow what a car, very easy to drive, apart from going for my gear...
  6. nick mercedes

    pagoda parts madness

    Having a bit of a tidy up I happen on a Pagoda rear light in a box of gubbins. Out of interest I look on ebay to see what they go for. mercedes 280sl 230sl owners tail light w113 parts 250sl pagoda w113 | eBay Are they really worth that much??
  7. D

    An Act of Madness

    Nope, there's been no Crime 'Ere Ukraine crisis: Kiev bans Russian airlines' flights Following Ukraine's decision to ban Russian airlines from its airports, Russia responded by claiming that it was is an act of madness. Pot calling the kettle black I thought, but perhaps they have a point...
  8. E270 Owner

  9. B

    CL65 AMG - madness or what?/

    I have been pondering a CL63 having abandoned the idea of an E63AMG . Live in London and E Class MBs are everywhere ... So CL65 pops up on my radar screen and there is one in the MB network (subject of a previous post) Very rare care and after a test drive yesterday I can see why it cost...
  10. cinek

    Madness in the fast lane

    I have been following this story pretty much since when it happened. It took some years to see more unfolding, with many unanswered questions to this day. Apologies for the long watch (48min), but this is a story Stephen Kind would normally come up with, only this time, it actually happened...
  11. grober

    Utter madness

    Driverless cars could be on UK roads by 2015 according to Vince " Foxtrot" Cable. From my observations they are here already--- don't be fooled by presence of someone sitting at the controls- in many cases this is meaningless .:rolleyes: Driverless cars could be on UK roads by 2015 | Auto...
  12. poormansporsche

    Guess the swear word - more swear filter madness

    "**********e" ?????? :) P.S its not a swear word at all and mercedes related !
  13. R


    R2 performed wonderfully again over Christmas. We got 32mpg over 1250 miles to Scotland which included snow, rain, salt, more rain! Obviously the car is filthy and therefore the easy option was to go to the local car wash but I know they won't do it properly so instead I'm several hours into a...
  14. Dieselman

    Sprinter Motorway madness.

    The other night I was driving along the motorway in heavy rain and realised there were some white lights facing us in the left lane. These turned out to be the headlights of a extra long Sprinter. In the space of about 2 seconds he started to do a three point turn to get facing the right way...
  15. developer

    More Renting Madness

    Just a little ditty from a police led landlord liaison meeting I went to this evening. They were called (again) to a property where a known bad-un had been reported for breaking a double glazed window with a brick. It transpired that the window he had smashed was the front room of the flat...
  16. HumberMart

    First sign of madness

    Caught my wife at an opportune moment whilst she was busy at work yesterday and somehow managed to get her to agree to let me swap her 12 reg new B180 for a 10 reg S350cdi with AMG pack! Don't think she appreciates yet how big the S Class is however she does feel at home driving my ML. Problems...
  17. R

    Motorway madness...

    ...on the way home this evening. I joined the motorway and moved over to lane three because the other two were occupied and the third was clear...that is until I cleared the van in the second lane to be met with a Golf driven by an old eejit...coming towards me. I stamped on the brakes and...
  18. flango

    Infuriating Motorway Madness (Please do not read if you find my posts offensive)

    OK I know one or two people on here have been upset by my recent posts calling them rude, extreme and even offensive so I’m going to try and cover this topic as delicately and as sensitively as I can. Today is an office day for Ian the Engineer and he leaves the house at 7am on his 40 mile...
  19. developer

    The Madness Of Insurance Companies (Home Insurance)

    Renewal quote arrives - £473 (existing customer). I ring them for their best deal - £438 - "the best we can do Sir". Compare the Meerkat, for the same company/same policy criteria - £272. Go figure :crazy:.
  20. O

    Madness, sheer madness!

    Hi all, nice to be here! Many years ago I owned a beautiful Mercedes e320 coupe which I loved. It took me and my very young family across Europe on holidays, eased my commute to work, hauled us all off to the country and generally took care of us all with huge grace and refinement.It was a...
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