1. stwat

    How to troubleshoot a faulty MAF sensor (Mercedes Benz) [YOUTUBE HD]5Zb7q0aunz8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. Ultrarep

    Fault code P0102 MAF circuit low!

    Hi all Started getting the EML light on and read the above code with My code reader on ipad, and changed the MAF for a new one from Euro car parts. Car ran fine with no loss of power on the old Maf and still runs fine on the new one but he EML came back on today a whole day after the new MAF...
  3. fabes

    MAF cleaning - an option?

    Hi Bugga....the day after a service I get an EML and its the MAF apparently. £250 to replace...... (plus an hours labour?) How good a long term option is cleaning it as I am stretched this month and really could do without forking out for a new one? Read a few threads and it seems...
  4. E

    MAF sensor - M119 engine.

    A quick question related to my '94 SL500, if I may. Am I right in thinking that the total working electrical part of the MAF sensor can be removed simply by unscrewing the two screws? I ask because the wire mesh in the top of my MAF is past its best, but I have an almost new, but faulty...
  5. M

    MAF g/s values for engine 642930

    Hi, I'm trying to find out what's going on with my Mass Air flow sensor. My scanner is showing air flow rate at around 580 g/s at idle. I checked my friends car (the same engine 942.930) and his number are around 270 g/s. Do you know more or less what's the correct values?
  6. D

    C180 maf sensor issue

    Hello all my car performance took a major dip when the weather Got cold I did the £12 hose replacement mine was complete gone. My mpg drop to around town 20/25 but on run get 38, so I decided to Disconnected mag sensor recently and My mpg has got much better engine light is now on, Can I get...
  7. M

    ML 270 CDI Kickdown issue - Help!!

    ML 270 CDI Strange Kickdown issue - Help!! Hello all, I need some help as I cannot understand what is going on with my 2003 Ml 270 CDI. I took the car to Mercland in Nuneaton today as I needed the MAF replaced (no kickdown and no power above 2500rpm) and at the same time the thermostat was...
  8. G

    120cdi maf

    hi guys ive recently bought a vito 120cdi and im having a few issues already , ive fitted a new maf but i need to know whether it needs coding / calibrating to the car via star or should it just work cheers gaz:thumb:
  9. froggiegit

    Code p0101 maf sensor S203 2001

    Been getting an endless problem for about 18 months with the management light coming on and indicating P0101 and maf sensor problems I've changed that several times firstly with pattern ones and finally with a genuine one. Still the light comes on. Also changed the map sensor, the cam position...
  10. James85

    Mercedes clk 320cdi maf sensor?

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a clk320 cdi. I got a friend to plug it into his computer as its running a bit lumpy and it came up with a faulty maf sensor. I've tried looking for a replacement but I'm really struggling I phoned Mercedes and they wouldn't give me a part number, just a...
  11. E

    MAF cleaner

    Whats the recommendation for MAF cleaner? I want to clean mine but not sure the best available cleaner to use Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. D

    w369 maf question

    Hi my first post here and need some advice please. i have code P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem So I changed air filter looked for splits in intake pipe and fitted a different MAf sensor. the code is still there comes back after deliting. I am a bit...
  13. poormansporsche

    Post maf "public enemy" target ???

    Took my maf off to clean it and inside the actual housing after the sensor there is a plastic gunsight. Of the 4 points where it is joined to the housing were snapped and the 4th was half way through. It was sooo lucky that it hadn't blown off into the engine. So I snapped it off. Does this...
  14. sappers

    W163 ml270 maf

    Found this, genuine Pierburg part for ML270 2002 vintage etc. MERCEDES C270 2.7D Air Mass Sensor 7.22684.07.0 Flow Meter Pierburg 0000941248 | eBay £47.84 inc delivery! 2 left at this time!
  15. jeffwebb

    MAF query.

    Quick question, will a dodgy MAF cause the engine management light to come on? 2001 E55. Thanks.
  16. G

    Vito 120 MAF sensor repeated failure

    Hope some one can help. I have a 2008 vito that went into limp mode 3 months ago. code was a MAF sensor so a new one was fitted from euro car parts. Needed to be reset on star reader to clear but once done all was fine. But.. 3 months later it has gone into limp mode again I have a...
  17. M

    E280 V6 cdi - MAF Cleaning Help Needed

    I panicked and thought my low power and no auto kick down were the results of a gearbox problem, after much research i have read it could be a MAF sensor, which could be causing the 'limp mode' and no EML, which in turn prevents the auto kick down. So today i disconnected the 2 MAF sensors...
  18. tmwsccsh

    1995 SL500 MAF Removal

    Hi all, So, in the on-going quest to figure out what is going on with the performance in the car, I had a realisation moment (from a post I read whilst googling on other forums [sorry!]) it came to me that the first time this happened 4 years ago the Mass Air Flow Sensor had to be replaced...
  19. C

    Who's MAF is this?

    Hi, W209 CLK 270 CDI Can anyone tell me what MAF this is? I hope its an OEM or a Bosch one. Any Ideas?
  20. R

    W124 W202 W210 MAF sensors

    Hi All, Just thought I'd share a bit of good fortune. I recently had to buy a new MAF sensor for my W124 E220 Coupe and ended up finding one on Ebay for £35. I was dubious about the price but thought it might be worth the risk and I could return it if it wasn't the real deal. Turns out...
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