1. T

    A tale of 2 MAFs

    1. CLK 320 A couple of days after a service the engine response was jerky and sometimes there was no response when you accelerated , especially after Engine breaking. Checking a few posts it pointed to the MAF. Checking I found that the air cleaner assy was not sitting snuggly on the MAF...
  2. C

    A Class W168 MAFS replacement unit

    Hello. I am a fellow W168 MB A Class owner from Italy. I recently had to deal with the MB policy regarding a specific repair over the car. It appears that a vital sensor for the correct operation of the car, the MAFS, is not replaceable directly but if found faulty MB policy is to replace...
  3. R

    Cleaning MAFs

    I don't have a hot-wire MAF but my son does in his VW Golf Turbo. He was having uneven running problems just as many seem to here, so ... 1. We removed the MAF assembly. 2. Using a soft toothbrush soaked in electrical switch cleaner, we stroked the element gently. We repeated this several...
  4. C240Sport97

    Prices for MAFs (Air Mass Sensor)

    Need one for my aging 96P E230 estate. Lots of very cheap copies on eBay (i.e. not made by Bosch). Prices (all excluding VAT and delivery) for Bosch item I ended up with after some calls and surfing: MB (10% discount): £198 GSF: £180 Eurocarparts: £165 £146 E1...
  5. W210 Fan

    MAFS again - Bosch new though

    ok so I am slumming it in an Audi, the turbo is not cutting in, a quick read on the internet and it seems to be the MAF, no suprise there, I have always said it will go at some point as its a Bosch unit, anyway rang up the local auto factors and they now do exchange units, I give them my broken...
  6. television

    Re manufactured MAFs Here yoiu can exchange your MAF or they fix yours, including the A class from £34-£45 They do ECU's as well
  7. P

    Cheap MAFs!

    Pierburg make some OEM Mercedes MAFs and they are much cheaper than either Pierburg or Bosch ones supplied through the dealerships. When trying to solve the smoke problem on my S320 CDI I got one from a motor factors for under £50 + Vat ( It turned out that the original unit was OK, so I have a...
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