1. D

    What Mercedes magazines do you buy?

    Most manufacturers have at least one enthusiast magazine available from their local newsagent but I'm having difficulty finding one for Mercedes. I've joined the Mercedes Benz club so I will receive the "Gazette" but I'd like to know what else is out there. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. bassist

    Loads of MB magazines

    Hello all, My shelving is just about to collapse under the weight of Mercedes magazines and I have to get rid of them all. If anyone is interested I would be happy to send individual items at cost of postage only (second class if that is still cheaper, it’s so long since I posted anything...
  3. del320

    CAR magazines

    My collection of "CAR" magazines from 1975 - 2000 is about to be dumped. (the skip is in the driveway as I write) Contributors include L J K Setright, Russell Bulgin, George Bishop, James May, Gavin Green etc. Weigh a ton. Would travel to meet up to 50 miles from Edinburgh in exchange for a...
  4. John Jones Jr

    Motoring magazines. Is it just me?

    Firstly Happy Christmas and New Year to one and all. :thumb: So, my annual subscription for Car magazine expired last year and I didn't bother to renew it. I'm unsure why I didn't as I've been purchasing the magazine since 1981/82. Anyway, I purchased both December and January's editions for...
  5. merc85

    FREE! Mercedes Gazette Magazines

    As above, my Dad had to give up driving in 2010 due to ill health, he was a avid Mb club member for quite a few years and as such collected all the Mb Club Gazettes from the following years From 2001 to 2009 My Mum and Dad are moving to a smaller property due to ill health and are having to...
  6. The _Don

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines c43 amg for sale It is mercedes enthusiast magazines c43, not a forum members.
  7. D

    FREE - Mercedes Benz Club Gazette Magazines

    I have about 2 years issues of Mercedes Benz Club magazines which I am about to throw away unless someone wants them. I would need them collecting from Sale, South Manchester this week or I guess I could post at cost but they're heavy so it wouldn't be cheap. Please pm me if interested.
  8. B

    Mercedes Benz Club Gazette back issues - free!

    I have a collection of past issues of the Mercedes Benz Club Gazette - from about 2003 to 2009. Some (I'm embarrassed to admit!) still in unopened plastic wrappers. I have now sold my SEC and I need to clear some space on the shelves. I'm reluctant to put the magazines in a skip or a...
  9. hedley

    Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines offered (2003 - 2010)

    Would anybody like to collect a whole pile of Mercedes Enthusiast magazines, from 2003 to around 2010 - all years and months in between from my annual subscriptions. All kept in nice condition in official binders. I can't remember exactly last edition, but I can check if necessary. I need the...
  10. IMD

    Job lot of Mercedes Gazette magazines

    Hi all, Having a clear out and have put these on ebay. Job lot of Mercedes Gazette Owners Club magazines | eBay Ian
  11. verytalldave

    This weeks Magazines.........

    .........worthy of your hard-earned shekels. "ClassicCars" issue no 453 (the one with two Sunbeam Tigers on the front cover) has got a few items of Mercedes related interest. First off is on page 12 relating to a one-off 300SEL 6.3 coupe. Pages 26 & 114 also dedicated to MB. Plus of course the...
  12. IMD

    Mercedes Benz Club Gazette Magazines for sale

    I have 53 of the magazines for sale, all in good read condition. I'm happy to sell individual copies or in bulk, although the whole lot may be expensive to post. I'm based in Brighton, East Sussex and happy to post or for you to collect. Issues: May 2001 August 2004 Sept 2004 Nov 2004 Dec...
  13. C

    FS: Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines

    For Sale, near complete set of Mercedes Enthusiast Magazines, up to current issue 29. Only ones missing are issues 1,2 and 5 which have not been available on back order for 12 months or so. See link below to the pukka back issue site and note the prices (£3.80 each)...
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