1. nick mercedes

    magic money tree

    I keep getting spam and ads about PCP deals. Todays: "Mercedes-Benz C Class Diesel Cabriolet C220d AMG Line 2dr Auto" £249 a month. £42510 if you want to buy it But, the rentals and deposit only add up to £9570, leaving £32940, at the end of the contract it will be off to the...
  2. J

    Blackvue DR650GW Dashcam + Power Magic Pro Install question

    Deliberated over which Dashcam to get for a while and eventually decided the Blackvue looks best, so picked one up last week. I'm going to install it this weekend, and the power magic pro just piggy back's on to a couple of fuses in the box. I've found an installation guide online for a new C...
  3. mercmush

    Magic model 300 SL!

    A most disgusting conversion IMHO. Used 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300SL for sale in Kent | Pistonheads
  4. carnut

    Magic vision wipers

    Does anyone know what the replacement cost is for the magic vision wiper blades? The new SL has them and I suspect a replacement blade cost will be considerable:crazy:
  5. 190

    Magic leaves

    It's that time of year when contract gardeners blow huge quantities of leaves out of posh driveways onto the public highway and they magically disappear. It's quite a handy trick and saves them disposing of the leaves in a more appropriate manner. Trouble is they blow stones and any any other...
  6. D

    Big Thanks To Valet Magic - De Chrome, Tints & 507 Stripes

    Hi All, Took a visit to Valet Magic on Thursday to have the C63 De Chromed, Tinted and add 507 Stripes. Really pleased with the transformation of the car, and the quality of work. Robbie is a top guy and for anyone who is looking to have something similar done to their C63 I would highly...
  7. Jim55

    Gad magic coming up

    I've booked in with nass at gad north for next sat ( 29th) . I have a 58 220 cdi (167 bhp model , and he said it goes up to 197 , torque goes from 399 mm to 459 nm ,so worthwhile gains , I'm getting the car terra cleaned at same time as its done 115000 MLs and he recommends it being done , so...
  8. M

    Blue Magic Mercedes A45 AMG

    Love the color. From the article: Here is the seriously beautiful hot hatchback and one seriously beautiful scenery. And we love the custom wheels as well! 16 pictures and full article .
  9. E

    Apple magic mouse & bluetooth keyboard

    Brand new wrapped in box. £75 delivered free! (no offers)
  10. ringway

    Smoking... Magic!

    :crazy: GCm4r0F0tts
  11. E

    Apple wireless keyboard & magic mouse

    Apple Wireless keyboard & mouse | eBay
  12. K

    Mercedes Magic body control

    Has anyone ever sat in one yet? I've had a GS, and a Xantia, and been in a XM on a number of occasions, but I am wondering whether the ride quality is similar to the citroen XM :thumb: I was even seriously considering a C6 a few years ago, love its distinctive styling.
  13. Conquistador

    Jaguar's response to Merc's Magic Body Control chicken ad

    Shots fired! 3PQS8SFWNQw
  14. 3

    Not so Magic Carpet ride W124

    My first post! Hi everyone, I am the proud owner of my first W124 estate having searched for a good one for almost 2 years. Now of course a 'good one' according to my criteria doesn't guarantee that I have actually found a good one as I'm not a professional spanner man and I don't have any...
  15. M

    Magic sky roof for free

    Yet to take delivery of 2012 6k miles SLK 250 because I & specialist sports car dealer who are supplying the car discovered very slight roof leak on passenger side. Car sent to local Mercedes agent who removed plastic (polycarbon?) roof panel and replaced it with a glass Magic Sky one...
  16. W

    Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL

    Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial "Chicken" - YouTube nLwML2PagbY
  17. Conquistador

    Magic Body Control advert

    :bannana: nLwML2PagbY&feature=share
  18. B

    W208 Cabriolet boot problems - Magic Wand Requirred

    Good day - I am looking guidance to get into the trunk of my recently acquired 1999 CLK Cabriolet. Previous owner mashed up all hydraulic / electric systems + lost only key!!! My dealer here says MB does not offer replacement keys,,, so here is where I am right now.. have removed rear seat, roll...
  19. WDB124066

    Magic body control...

    2014 Mercedes S-Class MAGIC BODY CONTROL
  20. E

    Apple keyboard & magic mouse

    New....wrapped...boxed! £75 Delivered free! For sale elsewhere so don't waste time.
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