1. E

    Magical mystery.... who mapped my car?

    I've gleaned from the 8.7s 62-124mph vbox times that my so called 'stock' car is probably mapped. I got hold of Eurocharged today and there is no evidence of my car on the European or US servers. Tried phoning DMS and because I don't have the previous owners details yet they won't check my car...
  2. R

    Magical mystical colour-changing dials

    So my car has ivory dials which go black at night. It's either the devils work or there's some science involved. Am I right in thinking that the ivory face that you see in daylight is just really thin and reflective? Ooh and I found cup holders that I didn't know were in the passenger...
  3. se97mlm

    Magical Disappearing Screenwash

    Finally found a fault with the C240! Filled up the screenwash (full 5 litres) till it was brimming on Thursday last week. Used two tiny squirts over the weekend, but mostly car was stationary not in use. Imagine my surprise this evening when i fired her up and the low screenwash light was on...
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