1. T

    M111 leaky cam magnet - Repair or Replace (if so where to buy)

    Morning, My W202 C200 with the M111 has a small oil leak from the wiring plug outlet of the cam solenoid magnet. I am a DIY-er at heart (with the backup of a mechanic for a sibling). I have seen a couple of threads with pictures where people have just re-sealed the cam magnet unit (have a...
  2. M

    Cam Magnet

    Does anybody know the part number for the Cam Magnet for a 2001 CLK 230 A208 with a 111 engine? I have done a search but wasn't able to find anything
  3. D

    E200K Camshaft magnet / air flap valve problem.

    I have a W210 E200K. Engine type M111957 I am getting fault code P0010 - “A” Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1). I am also not getting any supercharger boost because the air flap valve/bypass valve (the thing next to the air box, above the supercharger) is remaining wide open all...
  4. B

    magnet in sump?? vito sport x

    hi good afternoon, im currently in the process of changing oil and filter on my Vito 120 sport x with 5 speed auto box and when cleaning sump pan noticed and flat round magnet stuck to bottom of sump? Could some one clear up what this may be?:confused::confused::confused:
  5. Tubaclarion

    Clk 230k cam magnet oil leak

    When driving my car the other day, the engine management light came on. After checking posts on the forum, I looked at my cam magnet to discover that the cable connector was full of oil. I now suspect that it has travelled down the loom, an experience so many others seem to have had. There...
  6. John Jones Jr

    Cam (VVT) Magnet

    Guys, Is it possible to test off the car, the ubiquitous (A1190510077) as found on M111, M104's etc. I was also wondering would attaching 12V power supply operate it & if so should I expect a 'clicking' or some such noise? Cheers in advance.
  7. lordlee

    SLK 200k Cam magnet and Starter Line

    Hi All, Trying to help a mates son out and he has just bought an SLK 200k with a fairly bad leak from the front Cam Magnet. I was wondering if anyone had part no's for these two parts? I need the blocker too which I understand is called the Starter Line. My plan was to clean as much oil...
  8. @MARK

    Clearly I have bought a magnet

    So having had a run in with a mental motorcycle rider a couple of weeks ago which needed the Dent Devils guys finest to sort, there I am driving down Chiswick High Road thing morning when crunch! Mr White Van Man has clearly failed to spot I have stopped and has driven straight into my drivers...
  9. R

    1996 C200 Crankcase Magnet Probs!

    Hi all, i have a 1996 Merc C200, (W202 I think). I have found a strange rattle noise from front of engine which appears when revving the car and with serching the internet forums found this to be the crankcase magnet, in testing this to confirm found this is the culpret, by dissconnecting it...
  10. G

    W203 Cam Magnet Sensors.

    Hi , My Cam Magnet Sensors have started to leak :eek: Does anyone have a How-to on replacing them or is it something best left for a dealer/indie to do. My engines M271 on a C180K 2003 with 92k on the clock. Thanks guys.
  11. S

    c200k magnet loom

    when replacing the magnet due to leaking oil. do you recommend just plugging the modified loom section onto the end or chopping off the old plug and splicing the new one in?
  12. R

    Location of Camshaft sensor / magnet

    Im hoping someone can tell me where the camshaft sensor / magnet is in my w202. Been told to check if this is filled with oil etc as its a common fault. Out at the car just now and cant locate the camshaft sensor! Thanks
  13. 230K

    Magnet in a 722.6 Gearbox

    Hi I have bought a magnet for the sump of my 1998 210 auto box. Does anyone know is there a particular spot in the gearbox sump pan for placing it?? Thanks, 230K
  14. F

    For anyone withnavigational skills of a pigeon with a magnet strapped to its forehead Think this guy is getting rather annoyed?? :) For the benefit of anyone else who has the navigational skills of a pigeon with a magnet strapped to its forehead
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