1. W

    Magnetite black 183 paint colour

    Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can help me with a dilemma I have, Last Friday 1 week ago whilst parked at a junction some idiot came around the corner on the wrong side of the road and wacked my car front Drivers side. Now then the other guy was at fault and the insurance will pay for the...
  2. S

    Magnetite Black C63 AMG FOR SALE

    Hi all, Sad times however, i have my C63 for sale, unsure of how to attach images, so see below for a link to the advert on auto trader. I would rather sell to a fellow enthusiast so i know the car would go to a special home. If you have any questions, inbox me or call me on the auto...
  3. S

    Not many magnetite c63

    Hi guys, I don't see many magnetite black cars around from what I can gather is there any reason for this :dk:?? Not a very popular colour? Most of the black cars seem to be obsidian.
  4. S

    Magnetite Black C63 & Black Wheels Combo

    Does anyone on here have a magnetite black c63 coupe or 4 door with the multi spoke matte black and polished lip rims on it. I really want to get them done, have seen a few pictures but none that are that clear. I know the obsidian black goes really well, but any opinions on how it goes with...
  5. juux

    My new 2012 C220CDI Sport Estate in Magnetite black

    Picked up yesterday, loving it so far :) Just a few quick phone snaps so I can remember what it looked like before all the grime and stone chips.
  6. knighterrant

    C350 Sport 2012 Magnetite Black

    At last, a dry day so I've been able to photograph my new car. It's only the closeup shots of the exterior that give a reasonable impression of the colour. Magnetite black looks amazing in the sun. I'm quite pleased with how the interior shots have come out. All the internet pictures I've seen...
  7. knighterrant

    Brand new Magnetite Black C350

    I've had my 2012 C350 Sport for just over a week now and it's only covered about 300 miles so far. I've been reading through lots of threads in here on detailing, and getting more confused with each one I read! I need to know: Should I do anything now to protect the paintwork and alloys (I...
  8. Hitman999

    Any pictures of Magnetite Black/Cappuccino?

    Hi, I just been called by Mercedes that they have a Magnetite Black car with Cappuccino leather available. I can't seem to find any pictures of this combination. Anyone help?
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