1. D

    CL500 ABC system preventative maintenance

    Hi, Advice very welcome on whether I should change the hoses on the ABC system. Bought car in February and well pleased with the car. I have changed the oil and filter in the ABC system and do not have a problem with it but read on here if hose goes the pump is wrecked and virtually writes...
  2. K

    Service and Maintenance Manual for R171

    Can anyone recommend a manual for the above. Thanks
  3. G

    Diesel Particulate Filter maintenance

    It's time to replace my E320CDI Estate and I would like a used E350 CDI Estate (post 2009 model), as I particularly like the six cylinder engines, but I am dithering. First:- I have now reduced my motoring from 12k miles per year down to about 7-8k mile,pa and I am wondering if this is a...
  4. SW18

    Airmatic - any special maintenance required?

    All of the threads on here about airmatic and ABC problems got me thinking - is there any special maintenance required to help prolong the life of the airmatic system? And if so, will that maintenance be included in normal 'B' services? I'm thinking of jobs like checking hoses for wear...
  5. M

    Airmail maintenance

    Just had a thought Would the bags benefit from a rubber conditioning treatment t/protection such as the productsun used for tyres! Just a very random thought!!
  6. flowrider

    R230 SL500 preventative maintenance jobs

    So after a search of many weeks i will be collecting my R230 SL500 on Saturday. The car is already in excellent condition but being 12 years old (50k miles) i'm sure it will need some TLC here and there. What are the recommended jobs that every new SL owner should be doing? I know the boot...
  7. milleplod

    Sunroof maintenance.

    Prior to searching for info on the best way to lubricate my R500's sunroof, I would have used any old grease I'd got lying around in the garage. After Googling, and spending a while reading up on the subject, I'm glad I didn't use any old rubbish! The Mercedes-approved stuff only seems to come...
  8. H

    Reset service maintenance on b class

    Does anyone know how to reset the service maintenance indicator on MB b class W246 (2013 model)? Found one on YouTube but that's in German.
  9. K

    W211 E280 CDI Long Term Maintenance Tips?

    Hi I currently own a 2005 e280 cdi 7g with around 165k on the clock, as of recently I got a new job which requires me to do 1000 miles a week, this will fall to around 800 within a months time. This means I will be clocking up some serious mileage but personally I cant think of a better car...
  10. W

    Lease - Service / Maintenance advice

    Hi, Im new to the Mercedes world and cannot wait to take delivery of my new car, i have got a Mercedes A Class A45 AMG on lease a 3 year lease. Im looking for some advice, i have got this for 3 years, and been offered a maintenance pack with Mercedes at £24.00 per month, will i need 2 services...
  11. dddooommm

    Diesel engine modifications, up keeping & maintenance

    Hi MBCLUB- Looking to modify the engine to get more acceleration performance. Apart from a remap, can anyone recommend modifications to the Diesel engine ? Such as the bypass of exhaust gas recirculation EGS? Possibly larger turbo but rather lower costing part etc. Healthy options...
  12. PXW

    New car - maintenance

    Would appreciate a bit of collective wisdom. I'm shortly getting a new car (S212 - 350 Cdi). My objective is to keep it medium to long term. I could just service it according to the manufacturers schedules as indicated by the electronics in the car. But some years ago, best advice was to change...
  13. D

    Maintenance costs of facelift Mercedes 220 CDI

    Hi I am in the research stage before the purchase of a facelift E220CDI from 2007. I chose that era (post 2006) as these cars are viewed now as very reliable. I am trying to establish the maintenance costs of such a car if I do the work myself (change of fluids, filters, and brake pads/disks)...
  14. A

    How do I Reset maintenance indicator? W204

    2012 W204 Bonjour, So how do I reset the maintenance indicator? I've heard it's done via the steering wheel control buttons, I think I have 12 of these. :D
  15. U


    Hi, I've just bought an 2009 c - class c220 cdi auto sport and have excess play in both front lower arms with play in the bushes. Does anyone know if you can buy polyurethane bushes for this car and also where you can get them? Spent the past few days trolling Google to no avail! :dk...
  16. Somebody

    w115 om615 maintenance schedule?

    I have a bit of a predicament with my newly found 200D. So I looked everywhere I can think of, looked thru all the usual PDFs online and on the little maintenance manual that comes on a CD, etc etc. I can't find anywhere that tells you when do do maintenance tasks. Every source I saw so...
  17. C

    R129 Ok for home maintenance?

    Hi, I'm looking for a hobby car, and have decided that I want something a bit "classic". Initially I was looking for a British sports car (having previously owned some Triumphs in the past) or maybe a Moggie Traveller but, as we love our S211 280 CDI estate, have wondered about an R129 SL 320...
  18. D

    soft top maintenance and proofing products

    renovo on of the suppliers of soft top maintenance products help reduce time waisted Renovo ***Black Restore Kit*** Soft Top Canvas Cleaner & Reviver & Ultra Proofer | eBay or just proofing Renovo Vinyl protector 500ml soft top protector ultra proofer | eBay for commerical use in qty 5...
  19. steve333

    Kompressor maintenance

    As per title the wife's slk230k's kompressor has no mention of maintenance in the service book or history and at 69,000 miles would it be time to have the kompressor oil changed and if so is it an easy/reasonably priced job?
  20. M

    Sunroof/panoramic sunroof maintenance

    Hi I have just purchased an E220 with panoramic roof. I happened to be having a crack in a windscreen on a different car repaired by an autoglass technician when a discussion on sunroof maintenance started up. He recommended using Vaseline on the rubber seal to prevent brittleness caused by heat...
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