1. Steveml63

    Out of interest - how much does a B0 (major) service cost on an ML63

    Hi, We just had the 60,000 km B0 service on our ML63 in Abu Dhabi. This is the biggest service that we have had, thus far - and we were a bit shocked at the cost. The service included new plugs, filters, oil, transmission oil and brake fluid change. Before I reveal the cost for this here - I am...
  2. Petrol Pete

    Major assemblies numbers..what do they mean ?

    Just curious On my VeDoc for my 2006 C55 AMG it says the following (amongst other things). Transmission number : 722636 06 507334 Transmission object number: 2092700000 Rear axle number : 20335059040328994001 I wonder if deciphering these digits might help me plan any future service work...
  3. Twistedmind

    Major brake fault

    Help with this one lads please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. P

    Do dealers test drive car after major B service?

    I've had a pretty shabby service experience with a dealer this week whilst the car was in for an service and before I totally lose my rag with them i wanted to double check something. It's been sat with them for 2 clear days since the service was done waiting parts that still haven't come in...
  5. C

    Re cl63 major engine issue

    Hi all, I recently posted an issue regarding the extremely poor running of my CL63. Given the nature of the symptoms,which at first were thought to be electrical, my post was placed in the Electronics section. However, following an inspection by a well known local Indy yesterday, he...
  6. E

    DIY repair of Black MB Tex seats and door panels with MAJOR rips & holes (2007 W

    I'm looking for a DIY guide on how to fix holes and rips in black MB Tex seats on a 2007 W203 that's been neglected for way too long . I've been searching a lot and found DIY guides that deal with only minor rips & holes, not big issues like these seats show, as you see in the included pictures...
  7. grober

    Rosberg suffers Major Tyre Failure

    Rosberg suffers Major Tyre Failure DETAILS AND VIDEO HERE BBC Sport - Belgian GP practice: Nico Rosberg suffers dramatic tyre failure
  8. W

    MB CLS major changes from 2011 - 2014?

    Hi guys If you saw my other post I am deciding between a CLS, E class or C class. For now I am going with the CLS (its what the heart wants!). I am looking at a CLS 250/350 AMG Sport (cannot afford the CLS63 just yet) I have a couple of questions I was hoping you guys could help with: From...
  9. K

    w123 230CE: major interior spend

    W123 230 CE Fully Restored For Sale (1981) on Car And Classic UK [C599181]
  10. S

    Halfords Major Service

    Yeah, I know no one likes these guys. I wouldn't take my previous car to a similar garage like this but not willing to spend around 600 pounds at the MB garage for a B service where the spark plugs are not even included and also not willing to spend 1.200 pounds at an indie even if it's for a...
  11. Palfrem

    Ground control to Major Kahn....

    Worth a watch and I guarantee you will be surprised.... pD_yQZ4iNjY
  12. M

    Major issue: Check Engine and Loss of Power / 2012 E200CGI Coupe

    Hi guys, I hope you're doing fine. Since a few weeks I've been having issue with the check engine light turned on and loss of power, if I turn the car off and wait 10-20 minutes the check engine light goes again, but after a few minutes/hours it appears again and it loses power again. I only...
  13. mirras

    Nothing Major Wrong ????

    The ad says "nothing major is wrong with the car" .... it must just be how it's parked then.... Mercedes-Benz CL CL500 2dr Auto 5.0
  14. Mike060280

    Vito major engine problem video attached

    Hi there a purchased a vito 112cdi blind all I knew was it had injector problems so got it back and sure enough Black Death. Managed to get injectors out after 3 weeks of slacking lol changed injector seals (haven't had injectors tested) stars first turn but boy the engine is bad lol have a look...
  15. F

    W209 CLK55 2004 ongoing major problem (Coolant Visit Workshop)

    Hi, I have the dreaded "Coolant Visit Workshop" warning permanently on my dashboard, and the radiator fan is on full blast. Now ive seen some threads around that have tried tackling this problem, but wanted to start another, as the one's ive read all seem rather vague ref the cure. 1) Some say...
  16. Conquistador

    Brand new Range Rover Sport - major gearbox/drivetrain fault?

    I did join a Land Rover forum a long time ago with a problem but have since forgotten my login details so thought I'd ask this here, plus everybody on here is a lot friendlier than the LR forum from what I remember! Also from what I've read there are a few RR Sport owners on here. We've not...
  17. Somebody

    Benz jargon: Whats 'major assembly'?

    I wasn't sure where to post this so I posted it in tech, since it is kinda a tech question, sort of. So, I bought that really cool manual that costs like 9.99 and looks like somebody stole it straight from MB's own office, and its excellent, but there is something I can't figure out. For some...
  18. david cave

    CLS major part costs

    Hi, I own a 2009 CLS 320 Cdi which I have had from new with full MB service history, and 46000 miles on the clock. I am about to retire (at the end of this week) and had previously asked the ‘Honest John’ web site if I should change the CLS for another car being conscious of potential high...
  19. HotJambalaya

    Major regret....

    About 5 years ago I was in LA with my father who said when he was younger he nearly bought a 190 SL, so we looked around and found 2 mint concours level ones for sale. Went and had a look and ummmed and ahhhhed and decided not to bother, I can't remember if they were $30k or £30k, but damn...
  20. H

    Cam chain fault then major problem.

    Hello all, first post and “OH” need advice. Bought a 03 C180 with 71.000 on the clock no initial bad sounds, faults,drives well and has the MERCEDES renowned badge on the bonnet, and got it for a good price, what more could you want. 1000 miles later a misfire, checked it all found nothing...
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