1. P

    Anybody selling or can make a turbo adapter?

    I have a W202 C250TD and I'm looking for a turbo flange adapter to fit a GT2871 or something similar. I don't mind if it's used or if somebody can make one themselves if they've done it before. Thanks
  2. M

    What exhaust system will make a R320 SL55 pop and Bang a little?

    I am looking to change the exhaust on my 05 SL55. I want it to sound more dramatic with pops and crack sounds, perhaps more C63 like. I don't want a straight pipe sound, just a bit more dramatic sounding when blipping the accelerator pedal. I want to keep the pre cats also. Anyone done this...
  3. Londonscottish

    2010 S212 E500 AG - trying to make sense of the specs

    Hi 212 owners. I found a sales brochure and price list for my 212 and am trying to figure out what options the first owner added. From what I can see a 2010 E500 Avantgarde had the following as standard; Airmatic, Direct Steering, Intelligent Light System (bi-Xenon, cornering lights...

    Looking to make an offer.

    Hi. Looking to make an offer and arrange for RAC to do a comprehensive inspection. I was wonder if any members are familiar with this car. The only two things that I need to clear at the moment, is that the car has had Reg Numbers changed a few times according to Cazana and the photo of the...
  5. R couldn't make it up.

    United passenger threatened with handcuffs to make room for 'higher-priority' traveler - LA Times
  6. developer

    Kids - They Can Make You Weep, No Matter How Old They Get

    But sometimes with happy tears... My two from last night. [YOUTUBE HD]8zs7R53hYBQ&t=97s[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. D

    Which cars make you smile?

    As an antithesis to the "angry" thread, I thought I'd ask which cars make you smile or simply happy? Mine is classic cars, the quirkier the better.
  8. CLSMark

    What cars make you angry?

    Apart from the obvious stuff like the Prius, what cars just make you cross to look at? Personally Any Vauxhall.
  9. RyanMuller

    What noise does an AMG make?

    Click to find out! She says "what noise does an AMG make?"
  10. KennyN

    You couldn`t make it up.

    Whilst taking the dog for a walk earlier today i was approached by two kids who asked me if i knew anyone with two Huskies as there were two running around the area without an owner. I didnt so i took our dog home , just in case, and i went searching for them. I caught one and held her on the...
  11. jon.english68

    It's the little things that make the difference

    I love the look of my C220 Coupe but couldn't help thinking there was way to much silver in the grill so I set about sorting it out, gotta say I'm happy with the result Before After Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. ash59fifty-uk

    Things that make you go Oh!!

    This video is shocking, especially the last one although god knows what the owner of that car was thinking. Wear your seatbelt! (nothing graphic) ~
  13. horatio

    What to make of this wheel alignment?

    This is turning into a farce! I went in for alignment with the steering wheel pointing to the left. Now it is pointing slightly to the right! The front camber is a concern- they said this is not adjustable. I've read I can buy adjustment bolts but these only offer a slight amount of...
  14. grober

    Wanna make a Movie?

    As a self confessed fan of the BBC's Click and Channel 5's Gadget Show I love stuff like this. The DJI Ronin. [YOUTUBE HD]bcjSdzYb9LY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  15. D

    2009 C320 - immaculate - listing below - make me an offer?

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  16. C

    estate roof bars - how to make shiny new

    Hello, I have w204 estate and as such the roof bars, which i think are chrome plated!?! what is best way to cleam them as a wash a dry they have lost shine and look all matt and dull Neil
  17. grober

    Donald Trump You couldn't make it up

    Trump makes Homer Simpson look like a member of Mensa. :doh: Trump accidentally refers to '7/11' terror attack
  18. ioweddie

    A great way to make good use of your empties!

    Turn your sound up ! --
  19. L

    Would outside temp sensor make FSAM go nuts?

    Hi all. I'm battling various electronic gremlins. Would a broken (and damaged) ambient temp sensor that's reading 100c make the Front SAM go nuts? I can't turn the key, brake lights on all the time key in or out. Many bananas things wrong with this thing. :bannana:
  20. D

    Car Doesn't make more than 2000 rpm ?

    Hello, I own a MB c270 year 2003, very often while i am driving it happens that even that i push the gas pedal to maximum it doesnt make more than 2000 rpm, it goes really slow, and if i stop the car turn it off , and back on again, and immediately push the gas to maximum it works perfect ...
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