1. D

    aircon making a hissing noise

    Hello everyone I got in the car last night and switch on the aircon which has been working fine I turned on the blower without the aircon and it was fine then when I switched on the aircon it started making a hissing noise and then I noticed it wasn’t getting cold Any ideas what...
  2. Johnny007

    Panoramic roof making cracking noise

    Hi although I joined a few years back I was not much of an active member or at all to be honest. I'm a newbie I'd say. So please forgive me if I do anything wrong in asking a question in the wrong place in advance. I have 2011 e350 diesel 265 with panoramic roof, the car is out of warranty...
  3. JohnDavies

    Someone is making some brass.

    Ex-Google Self-Driving Car Engineer Made More Than $120 Million - Bloomberg Ex-Google Self-Driving Car Engineer Made More Than $120 Million
  4. Doc matt

    Making it safe

    To cut a really long story short, we go on holiday Sunday and the only car available to go to Gatwick is my CLS. It will be left in the long stay for two weeks. The last time I parked in the long stay at BhX my new M5 was stolen. Wifey has one of those yellow steering wheel discloks so I'm...
  5. CLSMark

    Blue making a comeback?

    Just an observation, but I've done England to Scotland and vice versa in the last week, I noticed a lot of Blue 16/17 plates.. Is white now being phased out I wonder
  6. S

    Making the jump

    Hi guys, Currently in a M235i, looking at a 2013 C63 PP, need some more noise in life. Anyone made the same jump ? I got left behind by a C63 estate at a drag event so I know there quick, yet to test drive one but I've got a car in mind that I'll be looking at next weekend. Anything major to...
  7. Giantvanman

    Someone's making M-B the target of a joke

    Has something gone on in the US or is it simply a comedy sketch? Worth watching for the bit towards the end.
  8. gr1nch

    Is there a risk making your car's VIN number public?

    Apologies, this one turned out longer than I'd expected, as the concept came up that VINs could also help thieves steal our beloved cars to order... Yesterday my M-B dealer sent me the VIN of my car which is being built in a week or so (hooray!). I was about to upload the VIN into that...
  9. B

    why has MB stopped making C220d Automatics?

    Was looking to get one as my new company car (as it was less than 110g/km CO2 which is my company limit) but when I requested it, I was told it is no longer available as an auto in 2017 models and lowest diesel auto is C250d which has 112 g/km. They will lose a lot of company car business as I...
  10. M

    Full Version - Making Of 2017 Mercedes E-Class - Video

    Full Version - Making Of 2017 Mercedes E-Class [YOUTUBE HD]otSk_rF0jXk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  11. P

    Phone disconnect bluetooth when making a call

    Hi all, wonder if anyone has any ideas. My htc m8 phone has connected to the mb interface via Bluetooth for the last six months without a problem. However for the last couple of days it will connect as normal when in the car. Both the car and phone confirm thay are connected. If I make a call...
  12. jhosk1981

    Thinking of making some changes to my CLK320 Coupe

    Hey guys, I'm at the stage with my car where I either swap it, or make a few changes to it. Thinking alloys/body kit/remap/speakers etc etc. Have any of you guys made any decent modifications to your CLK coupe? If so, any ideas would be great. Thanks. James.
  13. whitenemesis

    Making diesel out of thin air .....

    Now, I wonder where this will go? Could diesel made from air help tackle climate change? - BBC News
  14. O

    Making a Profit?

    Just apropos another thread on the forum re buying a car then complaining to try to get the price down even further and then selling on at a gigantic profit.I know it happens in every hobby I have ever been involved with and I have had all sorts of stories thrown at me (its for my Dad and hes...
  15. Timster

    S211 - Making rear 12 Socket permanent live

    Hi. I know you can switch fuse 54 under the bonnet to make the front 12v socket permanantly live, but is there a way of making the boot socket permanantly live? CHeers! Tim.
  16. MWCLS

    Changing cars to a 4x4? Am I making a mistake?

    Just looking for some ideas, I've owned my W219 CLS 3 years in August, ( longest I've owned any car) It is pretty much immaculate imo, few age related external marks but the interior is box fresh.. Full main mercedes dealer history. One previous owner, garaged, Covered just 800 miles in the last...
  17. P

    2003 Vito making sparking noises when hot

    Hi, My 2003 Vito is making a sparking sound that appears to be just inside the offside wheel arch (at least, that's where it's loudest) when the engine is hot, and the radiator fan never spins anymore. Are these two things related? Anyone know where the fuse is for the radiator fan, as I can't...
  18. The _Don

    Apple is making $8.3m profit an hour, 24 hours a day
  19. N

    '98 W202 C250 TD starter motor making wheezing noise.

    Stupid question perhaps but never replaced a starer motor on any car before. Does wheezing mean it's dying or could it be something else altogether? Car still starts OK, just makes a different (wheezey) noise as it does it. How hard is it to fit a new one, any one know? TIA.
  20. R

    Newbie from bucks/london making the switch from bmw!

    After years of devout service im seriously considering letting the e39 touring go in favour of a c55 estate! never even thought about a merc until last night when I stumbled across some articles about the c55... looks like it fits the bill perfectly so looking forward to what I expect to be...
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