1. B

    R129 vs 6ft 8" male

    hello hankering after a R129 convertible but would a man of 6ft 8 fit in one ? probably not (shame ) thought id ask anyway Andy
  2. A

    MOST loop for TV tuner - male or female?

    I wonder can someone help me out since I want to order one online ASAP and don't get home early enough to take the boot apart in daylight! In order to bypass the digital TV tuner in my CLS55, which sex adaptor is required? Also, any issues with the cheap plastic bypass loops rather than...
  3. brucemillar

    Male Grooming Help?

    Folks Can anybody advise please. Of late, my nostrils have started to resemble a long abandoned, overgrown, Victorian Railway tunnel entrance. I am not exactly in the Chewbacca range (yet) but fear I am headed in that direction. Left unchecked I will start to frighten young children and...
  4. poormansporsche

    anyone got a "male" split rim socket / spline i can borrow ?????

    Like it says, I know you can get the female split rim sockets on eBay for pennies but I need the male 10 point 8mm spline version which is not available anywhere apart from Germany which costs $$$$$ and is currently out of stock Anyone Cheers Brett
  5. davidbilyk

    Caster Semenya, Male or Female

    I would like to see what people think about this South African athlete as it's getting a lot of air time at the minute.
  6. Spinal

    Male Eyebrows

    Going VERY off topic here... I recently was told off by a close friend of mine regarding my eyebrows (well, eyebrow according to her...). Apparently I look like the father in American Pie... Problem is, after she plucked two eyebrows, I was looking for the medic "call of duty" style... so...
  7. jimti

    How do you tell a male bird from a female???

    Until now I never fully understood how to tell the Difference Between Male and Female Birds. I always thought it had to be determined surgically. Until Now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Which of The Two Birds Is a Female??? Below are Two Birds. Study them...
  8. W

    Standard SLK - Ratio of female to male owners?

    I've just bought (but am yet to collect) my first MB. Its a 1999 SLK230 in silver with black leather interior and the carbon fibre effect dash inserts. My boss has told me that its a 'barbie' car :( but I hadn't heard of this before. My reason for going with the SLK was a combination of...
  9. M

    C connector male - DIN 10 pin housing

    OLD - A 018 545 19 28 old part number for pins, NEW - 019 545 56 28 new part number for pins. These pins correspond to making a male connector the same as those found in the back of the head unit ========================================= OLD - A 016 545 36 26 - 10pin...
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