1. S

    W204 seat buckle restraint system malfunctions

    Hi looking for abit of advice. I have a w204 late 2007 c320 cdi sport owned the car for about a year had no issues apart from one which developed about 3-4 months ago. I would be driving the car and all off a sudden i would get the srs light on and a error message saying something along the...
  2. K

    W211 E220 CDI 2004 "Service Brake, ABS and ESP Defective Visit Workshop" malfunctions

    Hi there, In the past 2 weeks, I am getting the following 3 malfunctions appearing on the dash at the same time: 1. Service Brake, 2. ABS Defective - Visit workshop, 3. ESP Defective - Visit workshop An ABS warning light is also illuminating on the dash. These may appear while I am...
  3. Nellie Spence

    Clearing Malfunctions S211

    Recently had a license plate bulb error flag up on the "malfunctions" page. Although still both working I decided to change them as they were very black inside the bulb. Took the opportunity to go down the LED route and ordered error free bulbs from the web. Fitted and immediately had both left...
  4. clarea

    ABS & ESP malfunctions

    Whilst driving along today the ABS light came on followed by an ESP malfunction and pre safe malfunction on the dash. Carried on driving and the steering got heavier and heavier. Can anyone enlighten me as to what that all means please and is it going to cost me loads to fix? I'm hopeless...
  5. N

    S211 with 3 Malfunctions, SRS faulty visit workshop, Display faulty,etc

    Hi, S211 E270 Auto with three malfunctions, help needed please? I'm getting a selection of malfunctions, two are: Display faulty visit workshop one shows an image of a bulb and the other has a key symbol above. Third malfunction is SRS Faulty visit workshop... In addition, the parktronic bar...
  6. S

    !!PLEASE HELP!! :( Car gone nuts!! Malfunctions battery drain

    Hi everyone and thanks for looking, I have a Mercedes C220 2001 (W203) Automatic 104,000miles, what happen is.. I went to see a friend and after 2hours went to my car and it just wont start! Dash lights come on including glow plugs however No click, crank, nothing. Me being me, i went home...
  7. D

    Help!! ESP & Brake Assist Malfunctions

    Recently the battery on my CL 55 AMG went flat, so I duly took it out & recharged it. After connecting up & starting the vehicle both the ESP & Brake Assist have come up as malfunctions. The car was working perfectly well with no malfunctions before the battery died. Any ideas what it may be?
  8. J

    Various malfunctions then car stayed started with key OUT.... HELP..

    Ok i was driving on the motorway as usual and DISPLAY FAULT appeared on the dash followed by 7 malfunctions and all lights came on dash (as if your about to start a car but dont key position 2 or something). Anyway it followed by 7 malfunctions which was SRS error, ESP, BRAKE FLUID LEVEL, CHECK...
  9. JonMad

    Two malfunctions appearing at once

    Hi, Driving home tonight, in pouring rain, which may or may not be significant, I was going down a 30mph part of my commute when suddenly two malfunctions appeared on the dash simultaneously: - washer fluid - check level - coolant - check level Now, as I've just got home and it's still pouring...
  10. S


    Hi there! I am new to this forum and i have a c180 komp coupe. In the last couple of days a couple of malfunctions have come up on the in car computer: 1, check coolant level and 2, check washer level. Checked both and both seem to be ok. Could this just be a glitch or is it something more...
  11. T

    Malfunctions showing randomly

    Hi, i have bought a 2003 c230 sportcoupe evo automatic and i am having some electric problems. I got the battery check / load check (around 13.7volts engine running), battery seems perfectly fine. I get a radio reset and then "Battery/Alternator Malfunction" and "Light Sensor Malfunction"...
  12. S

    clk 320 w208, malfunctions, 3 of

    Hi,the malfunction lights came on 2 weeks ago, indicating problems with ESP, BAS,and ABS, 3 Problems, it happened after finishing a conversation on a mobile while at the traffic lights, it has not come on again until now, but once i turn of the engine and restart, it does not come on. Could it...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Battery disconnected, reconnected now ESP/BAS/ABS Malfunctions

    Today I removed my brothers sound system from his 1999 W208, in order to remove the cabling from the Battery, I had to disconect the Negative terminal (engine switched off). Now, when I reconnected the battery, both windows didnt work (I have now reset them - working fine) and also 2...
  14. D

    C180 Coupe Malfunctions?

    Hi Guys and Galls... I have just bought into the Merc way of life, you know, luxury trouble free motoring and all that ! Well the former is right but trouble free poppycock!! I have a 2002 C180 3dr Coupe. My trouble is that the EPS and BAS warnings keep coming on, not all the time, and...
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