1. T

    The Man Cave

    The ultimate male retreat from a testy wife perhaps--Found usually in the basement, a spare room, unused garage space or some place where the significant other doesn't want to enter. Great for male conversations, watching the match on a big screen TV and other decidedly male only activities...
  2. clk320x

    Man smashed up S63 WTF
  3. gr1nch

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves Poor bloke. I know you're not meant to get involved and just claim on insurance, but I can understand reacting to having your home broken into, whilst you're in it, and have your pride and joy getting driven off with whatever...
  4. M

    Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere SY12?

    Any brainstormers? I need: Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere postcode SY12? To pick up a not so big box thats weighs 12kgs & forward it to me via drop off service point post office UPS hermes etc... as I am In London. they would need to have...
  5. ioweddie

    I met a homeless man and.....

    I talked to a homeless man this morning and asked him how he ended up this way. He said, "Up until last week, I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed, I had a roof over my head, I had TV and Internet, and I went to the gym, the pool, and the library...
  6. ss201

    Looking after the man who looks after your car?

    As it's Christmas, I dropped a few beers off at my local Mercedes indie yesterday. He's looked after my cars really well for years, so it's nice to show a bit of gratitude once a year. I know it's appreciated. Anyone else do this?
  7. S

    The Man in the High Castle (Spoilers).

    Anyone watching this? My god it's tense! Best thing I've watched in a while, I re-watched the last few of the first season before diving into the second. At ep7 now, and a few things are beginning to come together, but it definitely gets the grey matter spinning! I think that although it...
  8. sssammm

    W@nker Man

    Lolll Brilliant
  9. grober

    the man from Uncle Robert Vaughn dies at 83

    As per title Robert Vaughn has passed away. He also acted in many movies over his career---- notable were the gunfighter who lost his nerve in the Magnificent Seven, the sleazy politician in Bullit and perhaps one of his most sympathetic roles the German Major in the excellent Bridge at...
  10. I

    Crunching into reverse, 5 Sp man w124

    I just want to bump this part of an old post which DRUK kindly helped me with in case the diagnosis will change given the update. There's a horrible crunch getting into reverse, and it's now getting harder. It used to go in after another declutch, occasionally with a little complaint, but now it...
  11. D

    Crazy Old Man Driving Prank - Rally Driver Petter Solberg AMG One to watch
  12. B

    E63AMGS - yes or no for a Porsche man

    Ok .... I've seen a very high spec 2014 E63AMGS for sale I fancy something big and fast that's more comfortable shall I say than my GT3 and Spyder I am intrigued by your thoughts about the E63 Great performance but the looks are to me slightly bland Thoughts .... The ultimate Q car in...
  13. V

    Isle of Man short video

    Had a trip to the Isle of Man this week, put a go pro on the boot of my SL :D
  14. M

    Can you quote me good ECP man?

    Hello M ECP chap :) Recent wobbly suspension woes made me take the car into local dealer to look at. They replaced the anti roll bar link which got rid of my wobble, but they also reported that both side lower arms had a lot of play. Can you give me a price on a NS AND OS lower arm...
  15. J

    Me is a bad man init bruv i own a c63 amg

  16. moonloops

    The man in Halfords got very upset..

    So I happened to be stood in a massive queue at Halfords (don't ask!) and noticed the guy on the till was asking for people email addresses "for their guarantee". He got to me and my part had a returnable deposit element so he says to me "can I have your email address so we can process your...
  17. ringway

    Juzzie Smith - One Man Band.

    I got this by text from Big Un a while ago. :) RcrujO7lKsA&nohtml5=False
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Man Gets Head Stuck Between a Car and a McDonalds

    Man's Head Gets Stuck Between Car And McDonald's
  19. Ajay Bhatoa

    How to keep the man made leather from creasing/ getting damaged.

    Hey guys, my car has the half alcantara half 'leather' but it's starting to crease with me getting in and out and splitting a little bit. How can I stop this happening? Or try to stop it as much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. st13phil

    Man films entire holiday in "selfie" mode

    I couldn't help but laugh at this one: Irish dad films Las Vegas holiday of lifetime on GoPro but realises too late camera was in selfie mode
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