1. B

    UK:: Is Insurance on Second Car Mandatory

    Is insurance on the second car necessary? I have 2 cars, one is owned by my wife and the other by me. Technically if I take comprehensive insurance on one Car as main user and my wife as another named used, I can always drive the other car and be insured because of the insurance on the second...
  2. samannan

    R230 SL500 - mandatory full service at 54k miles?

    Hi I understand there is a mandatory major service for the 2003-6 SL500 (R230) at 54k miles, is this true? Appreciate your comments, thanks Sham
  3. LTD

    Should winter tyres be mandatory in the UK ?

    Should the fitting of winter tyres to cars be mandatory in the UK in certain conditions ?
  4. jeremytaylor

    EC to make ESP mandatory from November 2011

    Of course Mercs have had this for years, but this move has to be good news for drivers of lesser cars. So long as they allow it to be switchable :devil:
  5. grober

    ESP to become mandatory in the US.

    Overwhelming evidence that ESP helps reduce accidents may lead to ESP becoming mandatory in the USA. Together with euro-ncaps recommendation I expect Europe may be next...
  6. Satch

    Mandatory Forum

    Oh dear. I sense many MBClub UK members (self included) may have to sign up.
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