1. AngryDog

    Kleemann manifolds worth it?

    My car currently has an 84mm pulley and EC tune on it. I am wondering if Kleemann headers are worth the £1500 + to buy and fit, plus new tune, when I could get a 77mm pulley and new tune for around 600bhp? Combined the car would make around what, 630bhp at the flywheel (guestimate)? Cheers.
  2. Justin1600

    Wanted w202 C43 Exhaust Manifolds

    As Above, if anybody has some. Think they are the same as w208 CLK 430 ones
  3. ftb

    Which exhaust manifolds for 55K?

    What would you recommend to buy? Does anyone have data on how these differ from make to make? I'm aware of cheap quality headers that are actually worse than OE log type manifolds. Don't want these! What are the best quality headers available in the market for these cars today? Don't mind custom...
  4. astamir

    manifolds heatwraps

    Hi guys! I'm going to upgrade the headers of the exhaust on my w208 clk55 and was thinking to hetwrap them Does anyone knows a reputable place where to get them from please? Thanks in advance
  5. C

    M117 tri-y manifolds

    Has anyone fitted the above to a UK market car? Worthwhile? What happens to the EGR valve and associated pipework? Cheers
  6. Justin1600

    W210 E55 AMG 1999 Exhaust Manifolds

    A pair of exhaust manifolds removed from a 1999 W210 E55 AMG £100
  7. Celicasaur

    DPE M156 RHD long tube manifolds - ceramic coated

    Hi guys, gauging interest on my DPE exhaust manifolds because I may sell up soon. These are good for 570hp with a tune on a normal C or E 63. I think after import taxes and shipping etc, I paid around £2400 for them a few months ago. I haven't fitted them and as such, they are brand new...
  8. brucemillar

    Exhaust Manifolds

    Folks My 124 exhaust manifolds are letting down the look of my engine and engine bay. I wire brushed them , which looked much better. I then applied POR 15 with a small wire brush. This looked perfect with a gorgeous factory cast finish. What could possibly go wrong? Well I washed the...
  9. Fr3ddy

    M113K Manifolds for sale

    I have M113k Manifolds for sale from my 2006 CLS 55AMG £400 ono
  10. merc85

    w211 e55k manifolds?

    Ive now heard of 2 e55k's which have had to have replacement manifolds? is there a common issue with these?
  11. Justin1600

    Wanted : W202 C43 Exhaust manifolds

    As the title, need a pair of exhaust manifolds please :thumb:
  12. Justin1600

    Wanted : W203 C43 Exhaust manifolds

    As the title, need a pair of exhaust manifolds please :thumb: W202 Manifolds. ( bloody IPhone )
  13. B

    E55 exhaust manifolds required

    Hi, new to this forum, I'm looking for some exhaust manifolds for an e55, 1999 model engine that's fitted in my c43, standard fitment only please, thanks
  14. P

    M103/4 Turbo manifolds

    Was asked by a customer to produce these, being there is little demand for them I didn't get a batch done, but I can have these made on demand. They take about 3-4 weeks to produce. Hand made, TIG welded with laser cut flanges. Any turbo flange available, T25 is shown below. £550 Pictures show...
  15. R

    Rusty Manifolds

    I have only just joined the club and in the October Gazette Forum Notes article on Dressing Up. Could anyone point me in the direction where I can find the product in question. Many thanks
  16. S

    C320 CGi Manifolds

    A mate of mine needs a set the car is a 56 plate C320 CDi, If anyone has a set or knows where to obtain them please post here and i will pass details to him. Thanks
  17. G

    brown sludge c32 intack manifolds

    hi this morning after a week or 2 of steady coolant loss i removed the amg covers and found a think brown sludge inside the manifolds im guessing the intercooler has had it . im fair pi**ed of with this car already having owned it for only 5 weeks and spent around £500 on repairs. ive been...
  18. M

    Headers / Exhaust Manifolds

    Doing a bit of research into this and wanted to see what you guys use. I see the most popular Style of manifold is this one: C55 E55 SL55 ML55 CL55 S55 CLS55 SLK55 Sport Headers | eBay Having a look about I see a more refined version of the stock log manifold. Anyone ever tried it to see...
  19. splitpin

    W211 intake manifolds

    I am trying to source a pair of secondhand V6 W211 E320 CDI intake manifolds. Does anyone know of any please? I am aware of the usual recommended breakers. Splitpin
  20. A

    M104 Turbo Manifolds

    Not much of an advert: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Andy
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