1. M

    2009(59) mercedes c220 cdi amg sport saloon blueefficiency diesel manual grey

    Full Details Mercedes C220 CDI AMG Sport Saloon Manual Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 5th October 2009 – 59 Reg • Three Owners Only – Last Owner Since 2015 • 49,763 miles only with Full Mercedes Dealer Service History (see below) • 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine – 170 BHP • CO2...
  2. R

    R107 280SL workshop Manual

    Hi all, Have just acquired a 1982 R107 280SL and am now on the lookout for a workshop manual to assist with a couple of jobs that I need doing to her, can anyone out there advise on a possible source, I've seen a couple of Haynes manuals but they only seem to cover the V8 models. Many...
  3. C

    manual procedure for softop clk 208

    hello Here i wrote the manual procedure for softop clk 208 I'm french so it is french langage:rolleyes: sorry If it can help somebody ....
  4. 5

    Need a 2005 CLS 55 amg workshop manual

    HI guys has anyone got a link for a workshop manual for the 2005 cls 55amg?
  5. AngryDog

    Owners manual?

    Does anyone have, or know where I can buy the correct owners manual for my W211 E55 please? Thanks.
  6. S

    Manual mode help

    Hello could anyone help plz... I have retrofitted a new model steering wheel with flappy paddles And the new model wiper indicator and cruise stalks What im wanting to know is how to code the ecu to enable the C S M selection for the gear mode.... I do have access to star...
  7. C

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007 This is a dealer-only manual and covers tech specs (1110 pages) for the following models: 164, 169, 171, 203, 209, 211, 216, 219, 221, 230, 245, 251 I have 2 of these manuals available - £25 posted each.
  8. BAZ-500SL

    BREAKING MERCEDES W210 6 speed manual

    BREAKING , MERCEDES E220 CDI AVANTGARDE 2001, Y reg, 6 speed manual, Colour : mauve Engine and gearbox Avaliable For any part please call 07576195640
  9. S

    124 TE Manual Drive Shaft

    Hey folks, Looking for the front half of the drive shaft from a manual wagon/estate/touring/TE etc. I've got a 16v box in my S124 but need the drive shaft. Also after the clutch lines for RHD car. (master cylinder to trans tunnel, tunnel to slave cylinder etc) Cheers
  10. noogieman

    4SALE W202 Manual rear blind

    Ready to ship worldwide: Blinds for w202 C-klasse 1993 - 2000. 1x manual rear blind in X-ellent condition. Comes with mounting parts. Black mesh. 1x passengers door blind, brand new. Black mesh. Shoot me a pm if you're interested?
  11. B

    Owners Manual E 270 2005 Avantgarde.

    Hi looking for an owners manual for my Wifes 2.7 E Class 2005. Thanks' Bill.
  12. K

    SLK200 1.8 Kompressor - rare Carlsson Manual £10500

    [url=] [url=] My brother is selling his rather nice Carlsson SLK Manual and he is a decent and honest bloke and so I suggested this would be a good place to sell. Car is like new and totally pampered. I'm...
  13. F

    Mercedes C Class w205 new shape manual gear stick shaking

    Hello all, I am new on here and have a issue with my new shape C Class W205 saloon which I am hoping someone can help with. Whilst driving in gear 4 or 6, my gear stick excessively shakes and vibrates which I feel is not normal at all. I have taken the car to the dealers and I was told...
  14. Makdissy

    A124 cabrio owners manual book part number please??!!

    Hello guys I've been searching for a pre face 124 cabrio owners manual for few years with no luck so far. If anyone can provide me with part number that would be great, it's got to be a preface model ( it's called owners supplement book ) I think, it just explains about the roof and the roll...
  15. C

    Workshop manual for cls

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent workshop manual for the cls? Don't have a cd so would have to be a download version
  16. I

    worshop manual

    Hi can anyone point me to where I can get a workshop manual (WIS) I'v found one link on here which does not work. I'v also found a download on MMHAUTO but it took 2 days to download and for the life of me can I find instructions as to what to do with the files. I dont need it to be the latest...
  17. CLSMark

    Will the manual gearbox & Internal Combustion engine be gone in our lifetime?

    I'm 38, and if I think back to cars when I was growing up, all cars had were a steering wheel and a fm stereo. The progression since then is huge. Will the next 30 years see the Petrol/Diesel engine gone, along with manual transmission, and if so, will you miss it? Sent from my iPhone using...
  18. A

    Cls Workshop manual .

    Hi, I have a 2006 Cls with just 24,500 miles on it and I am wonder if the emanual on line would be a good buy and is it hard to download or is there an alternative to buy.
  19. S

    Automatic box to manual in a vito possible?

    My first post so hi to everyone!! Bought a vito brabus (08) end of last year for a bargain price needing some work doing. The van needs body work and some minor niggles sorting, also has an intermittent vibration coming from the rear. My Indy said worst case it could be the auto box which...
  20. merc85

    w168 Petrol, Manual and Fsh for the wife

    As above, Just thought it may be worth asking, After a w168 must have fsh and in good clean condition. Manual only and one thats not Silver also 5dr model. Budget upto £1,200 for the right car.
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