1. M

    W213 power boot, broken again after manually closing

    My powered boot opening closing has just broken for the second time in a month after someone manually closed without pressing the close button! The boot feels limp like something on hinge or spring has detached. First time I took back to dealer and they took all day to fix telling me how...
  2. Reggie-rock

    Do you manually change gears with your auto transmission?

    A lot of us on here have auto transmission and also can manually change up/down but I rarely find a use for it, or is this just me? Maybe some boy-racers use it to hold on to the lowest gear until the revs reach their limit which could have a use for rapid overtaking maybe.
  3. Pauljay

    Transmission won't up shift manually

    Hi Guys, I've a problem with my gear shift point. When in auto my transmission shifts fine, but when in manual, driving hard, as the revs approach the limiter it doesn't shift up! Even if you lift off slightly or tap for an up shift early it stays in the same gear if you have your foot...
  4. SilverSaloon

    cannot manually shift across from 'D' into '4' on a 1997 W208 CLK

    Hi On a 1997 CLK you can select Park, Reverse, Drive. Car drives fine, gearbox fluid fine and changes are smooth. However the shifter knob cannot be moved across from D into 4. It just wont move Any ideas why this could be? thanks Derek
  5. T

    How do I manually open the fue l/ gas door?

    How do I manually open the fuel/ gas door? The pump for the central locking system has died but before the new one arrives I need to get more fuel in the car (W220 S320 petrol). I've had a look under the right hand side boot carpet and can't find anything to release the lid. Can someone give...
  6. M

    Boot/trunk won't open. Can't access pull out flap for roof. Can roof open manually?

    I have a problem with the boot lock on my 1998 SLK 230 Compressor but this isn't the main problem which is that I can't now open the roof as I can't access the vinyl safety flap located in the boot to pull it out. I can't open the boot with the key or central locking. Pushing the lock button...
  7. Z

    CLK 320 Roof, Manually open.

    Hi Guys, you may have been following my exploits so far with my roof handle and the solution i came up with, however i have been unable to apply it to the roof because as i was using the roof one day it stopped opening and just made noises. When i did finally get the roof in a half open state, i...
  8. R

    Is it possible to check oil manually?

    Sorry to be thick, but is it possible to check the oil level manually on a 2004 W211 320cdi? I've done 2K miles since I have had it , and 'computer says is OK'.... Just like to check. Bernd
  9. J

    How manually to check oil level on w203?

    Hello MB enthusiasts, I have recently bought a 2001 C220 w203 car. I know that the oil level can be checked on the dash board, but I would like to check it manually as well and I have therefore bought a special oil level indicator tool. Long (1 meter) flexible thing. But where should I insert...
  10. I

    Manually Operating R129 Hood

    I need to 'synchronise' my hood but don't have the manual...I'm using [R129 SL] Electric Window which is helpful but could someone give me more specific directions to unlock and raise the tonneau cover? A mechanic pal suggested I just unhook the battery for 5 mins but I'm nervous that will...
  11. J

    Unable to lock the boot manually

    I have a 2005 W211. According to the owner manual, it said to you can manually lock the boot by turning the blade from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock. I can managed to turn it to 2 o'clock and cannot remove the blade. The blade can be removed only if I turn it back to 12 o'clock. The mechanical lock...
  12. M

    Manually removing the CD Changer Cassette

    For whatever reason the CD Cassette will not eject from the unit When looking inside it appears one of the disc trays has not withdrawn itself back into the cassette and hence it will not eject from the unit thought to myself....easy this...remoce 4 screws and lift cover off...
  13. un1l

    Manually facelifted CLK This guy says it is a facelift model although the dash says...
  14. B

    reset service indicator manually

    hi can any help me with info on how to reset the service indicator on a mercedes elegance 1998 2.4 auto the owners manual say's press a square button on the steering wheel but I do not have these buttons the buttons that I do have are on the left + and - and 0 on the right H / M and...
  15. S

    Air con - manually automatic?

    I have a new model UK spec CLK coupe with the standard air con (not the posh climate control). According to the manual putting it in Auto with Aircon on will automatically distribute the air. Perhaps it does for the first few minutes whilst it blows an initial cold blast in different directions...
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