1. D

    W163 replacement tie rod ends O.E manufacturer

    Hi guys does anyone know which company supplied the O.E spec track rod ends on these vehicles?
  2. ivandraganov

    Manufacturer specific code Sprinter w906

    Anyone that can help,I have P1955 code and won't it a glow plugs relay?
  3. MC63CLK

    Bespoke Alloy Wheel Manufacturer UK

    Hi does anyone have any recommendations for a bespoke alloy wheel manufacture in the UK. Cheers Mike
  4. E

    Manufacturer Certificate of Authenticity

    Can MB provide a certificate of authenticity or similar giving the production date and specification of a car when vin number provided?
  5. D

    Name the Manufacturer

    Picture of a cylinder head. Only knew what it was by casting marks. Any ideas?
  6. S

    Insuring Car With Manufacturer Fitted Optional Extras - are you sure you are insured?

    I was considering buying a "Fully Loaded" car and touched on the issue of insurance . The question is much wider than that particular car so probably worth discussing separately. The question...
  7. M

    Can you suggest a manufacturer of power steering fluid

    Can a member suggest a make of power steering for my car C180 W202 1995 Its just that when I ask for Dextron they say there are various ones-which one :wallbash: Also How many litres do I need for a complete change and is the turkey baster method ok comments and help really appreciated...
  8. D

    MB or Quality manufacturer .

    Car is 13 yrs old C200 - Consider i need to replace rear brake pipes (flexi) Would you go MB parts or compay such as Brakes International and get - Brembo- Girling - Lockeed or equivalent . I presume Mercedes buys in such parts from such manufacturers and has them branded MB .
  9. grober

    Best Desktop Manufacturer.

    Post enquiry is as per title. With DESKTOPS going out of fashion like there's no tomorrow in favour of laptops I'm wondering which manufacturer now produces the most reliable product. Apart from the ubiquitous Dell and HP who seem to come with a chequered history any other suggestions. Heard...
  10. ringway

    Motor manufacturers using components from another manufacturer.

    How many motor manufacturers use components from other manufacturers? I remember the Vauxhall Omega with a 2.5 BMW diesel engine. SAAB using the Vauxhall 3.0 V6 engine. Ford Mondeos using Peugeot diesel engines. Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter sharing the same body. The list must be...
  11. WDB124066

    BMW becomes first manufacturer to sell parts on eBay

    Seems like a good idea, wonder if MB will follow suit...
  12. glojo

    Manufacturer's Discounts

    Do manufacturers think about any consequences when they offer discounts on new cars, or are they simply interested in increasing sales and don't give a hoot about the second-hand market? Regards John
  13. Dieselman

    Manufacturer reliability article.

    Here is a comment regarding manufacturers as opposed to vehicle reliability.
  14. D

    clk cab w208 manufacturer recall list

    hey guys, i have been checking for a while but i still can't seem to find the manufacturers recall list for this model (w208) i know that there has been times that this car has been recalled but for what and when i dont know if anyone can shed any light on this matter it would be highly...
  15. F

    OEM MB Alloy Manufacturer...

    Does anyone know or is able to find out who the "manufacturer" is for the 16” 5 double spoke alloys that are available as an option on the W203 C Class? Flash
  16. uumode

    ICE manufacturer?

    Which manufacturer makes the Esquisit MB branded stereo units / CD changer? ... Alpine?
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